Any Questions?

A throwback.

3 colors on gold.

Watch this
Danger Brown

A throwback.

3 colors on gold.


So Cool! I agree : this shirt Rocks!!!! 5++

Check out my slogans if you have time


OH MAN i remember those!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

my only question is why you think a straight-up image and concept from the PSa commercial without ANY twisting of the joke would be a possible Threadless print? Please don't start submitting old beef ladies and bears with hats trying to prevent you from lighting matches in the forest next.

Danger Brown

Well Frickinawesome, the short answer is that I thought it's funny. Second I disagree if I thought it was too direct lift I wouldn't have done it. If the text were "this is your brain on drugs" I would agree. But that it's just an egg in a frying pan and says "any questions?" it requires that you have knowledge of the PSA and mostly grew up in the 80's/90's. That extra layer of thought process is what I think makes OK for Threadless, if everyone thinks the same as you don't worry Threadless won't damage their good name with my design.


I agree with the whole concept being too directly related to that "90'scommercial"....the thing that comes to my mind is, why wear this shirt as opposed to the original "this is you brain on drugs"....I'm sure they're still out there....


Needs more 90's boom boxes , skulls and giraffes

The Crack Fox

hah, so right RedicNomad. Normally it pisses me off when designers take offense at comments, but you're right Danger... Not that this will be printed anyway...


i think you got the point from everyone elses comments.


I don't get it. I thought it was like "frying an egg is easy ... any questions?"

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