argyle: a 10 point word for love

two passions united: argyle & scrabble.

Watch this

Yeah not sure the zipper was necessary, but I love the idea.


oh my dear goodness this is the most elbiderni design for a t-shirt that my eyes have ever seen! how delightfully clever! and how about that title? almost TOO cute! i don't know about you- but i am in love with this shirt :-)


The zipper doesn't match the rest of the design.


I have an argyle sweater that is brown and has a zipper like this- so for me the t-shirt TOTALLY makes sense- I don't know what you people are talking about- this shirt ROCKS


i love your shirt really i do :D i think its creative and mindless of what the other people say..the zipper is cool. it makes it look like a sweater :D


sick shirt! i love it, zipper and all :)


I love the tshirt!! The zipper is AMAZING!!!! Are the little colored squares from scrabble?


i love it! i like the idea and i definitely see something under ths surface. totally clever. :)


This is so sweet! I'm loving the zipper too
Maybe I'll go play Scrabble . . . ;)


do you really love the zipper or are you just saying that?


this is wonderful, m@!
i love scrabble.


p.s. the zipper is perfect. i don't care what anyone says.


I think it is great! scrabble is the...the zipper is innovative, kind of like the tuxedo shirt, but wayyyy cooler


I LOVE the zipper!! The shirt is already based on a board game, but the zipper makes it super fun and whimzical (or however you spell that)!! Amazing!


i love the zipppper!!
and scrabble is just genius.

good work.


The designer of this shirt is a genius! Not only will the unique design captivate all my friends, but it will also promote word excellence. The zipper is a nice touch too. Well done!


beautiful integration of two of life's better things: board games and fine knits. bravo


More like triple awesome score! I don't think I'll be able to look at argyle the same again. The zipper definitely breaks the fourth wall, which is pretty "meta" for a t-shirt. Totally dig it.


Good idea, but the ziper distracts from it. I think if the orange part of the argyle was belt printed all the way from the top to bottom, and then the blue and scrable parts were traditional creenprint, your design would be better. This design just needs a bit more polishing.


This is very very cool! I love the colors and the whole Scrabble theme..... :)

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LOL@fake accounts

dude, welcome to threadless!


Argyle, scrabble, zippers- such an unusual combination and yet they work together with such harmony to create a remarkable and thought provoking design. It's playful, it's eccentric and it's edgy. I love it.


Great look, and I can think of a lot of people who would love to wear it. Well done!




Dude, I totally would have believed all the comments... if I hadn't checked the profiles and seen that they were all registered on the same day... how strange! hahaha


i love it matt!!! Definitely something you would do!! i had to look up what argyle meant though :[, but that is something i would do ha ha.


PS the definition of argyle is: a diamond-shaped pattern of two or more colors, used in knitting socks, sweaters, etc.



PS the Definition for Argyle is: a diamond-shaped pattern of two or more colors, used in knitting socks, sweaters, etc.


oops sent that one twice!


the argyle/scrabble composition is great :] would definitely wear it.

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Man, i haven't seen this many x's in a row since i played a five hundred lined game of tic tac toe!

I like the idea, but it needs way better execution, without any words on it and just getting by on the argyle pattern and the colors of those tiles. Ditch the fake zipper too.


I was going to say ditch the zipper, but 500 fake accounts can't be wrong!

FA gives good critique.
The zipper is neither original nor well done.
I think you need to find a better way to fade out the design, at least at the top. Maybe just finish off the corners of the topmost diamonds rather than cutting them off, and maybe try it on a tan shirt, so it reads more like a scrabble board without the words.
Bring it into critiques and try a few versions. It's a really cute idea and I know quite a few people who would love it, but it's in need of a little TLC to make it work.

Scorpio Spork

I'd lose the zipper and bring the design to the seams.


A unique design. I think the zipper is necessary to define it as an argyle as opposed to just a pattern and I believe it is well executed though I wonder how it might look with a different color, perhaps silver. Though I assume the designer already tested it and found it didn't highlight enough or something. The words too are necessary as they show it to define it as a scrabble board rather than just another argy pattern.

Overall, very unique and well executed with the perhaps exception of the zipper color. -5


I'm definitely with Scorpio Spork on this one; please bring the design to the seams!



I don't know where you're from, so this might be a language barrier problem, but argyle IS just a pattern. A zipper does nothing to define it as argyle. Rather, it takes away from the pattern, as most items made with an argyle pattern don't zip. (There are probably some, but they're greatly outnumbered.)

Just a reminder to friends of InvertedUmbrella, nobody thinks you shouldn't support your friend, but remember that we can all tell you JUST joined, and have only scored ONE submission and given it a 5, so forgive us for assuming you might be biased.

As I said before, I suggest taking this to the critiques, I think you'd have good success with it after a few changes.


jenraskopf - can you take something to critiques after having submitted it here or no?


I want this shirt!!!! NOW!! lol. I really like this, great idea. Cheers.
Check out my slogans if you want to. :)


The only thing I don't like about this design is the zipper.


I'm loving the shirt!!!!

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