Dead or Alive

  • by sharka
  • posted Jan 29, 2009

What do you guys think of Joe?

Thanks for the comments and advice.

Watch this

What do you guys think of Joe?
Thanks for the comments and advice.

walmazan profile pic Alumni

hahahaha, I love it!, the expression is perfect!

ninja wiz

hahaha, thats good man. i think you should make the test just a touch darker and give the paper a drop shadow so i kind of looks tacked on your chest. but frickin great!

stothemofob profile pic Alumni

i think the idea is great. would it be better if the poster just originally had 'we love bacon' instead of having it crossed off? i dunno whether it would, i do really like it as it is though


Well, I think it lacks some brighter colors, or a wider variety of colors for that matter. Maybe change the shirt color to something else? There are plenty of colors that would go well with this, just experiment with it. Good luck :)

Simpletinrobot profile pic Alumni

I think it would look better if it just said "Dead or Bacon" or Dead oor Alive crossed out with Bacon


I think he should look a little meaner. Like give him a scar on his cheek.


Joe with eyebrows awesome. hahah


very funny! i think you should detail the pig a little more because he looks a little to cute to be wanted lol


Maybe cross out the "or alive" with a horizontal line.


Nice man. I liek it.


Pork Chop Sandwhiches!

Scorpio Spork

The expression! The text! The colors! It's perfect. XD
It'd be nifty to have the hog running off or looking suspicious on the back of the tee.

Critique mine too?


So I added a couple of elements to try to make Joe look a bit more mean. What do you guys think?

BakusPT profile pic Alumni

lol...i like it. i like the letters, but the red one should be more rough perhaps...i like the colours... and the hog could have more work, a little bit more rounded (srry for my english)

anyway you have to know this is "Cool, but it needs work" ;)

phillydesigner profile pic Alumni

pretty funny concept.. i'm not sure it needs "joe the hog"... since it does look like a pig.. i think it could really work if it looked like a real flyer... and if the type were hand drawn...

nicole pickle

This is really cute.
I love "Joe's" expression; its almost as if hes laughing.
I dont think there is much you can really add,
or take away. So I say you go ahead and submit this.


i usually don't like to post my critique sub in my comment, but our designs are somewhat related! lol. maybe i should name my piggie, lol! Pork Chop


I like it, its a clever idea! However, this is just personal preference, i'm not really diggin the 'joe the hog' and the text for 'we love bacon' Mabye the red one can be really hand written? haha


Haha this is awesome. I know this is a little repetitive, but yeah, I agree with the handwritten suggestion. His face is hilarious. What are you thinking about in terms of position?


Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I was thinking that i would be fun to have the design on the back? What do think?


"The Hog" should be in quotes, like a middle nick name (e.g. Joe "The Hog" Vargas or Joe "The Hog" Halberd).

This is really a lot of fun! I'll be voting high on this one when you submit it. Please comment on some ideas I'm working on:

For the Cannibal Watching His Weight
Slippery When Wet


What do you guys think of it? Do you think the design should be on the back or the front?

Happy Earmuffs

well if its on the back you definitely need something for the front of the tee, i really like the concept, its really funny!

take a look at mine!
Do it! Do it! Do it!


interesting concept, it's a bit clunky in this execution... think about it a bit more!


Do you think it would work better having the design in the front?


i love it!! pigs in moustaches...clever.
the design should go on the front...i think it would make less sense on the back....unless you had the pig himself (not a poster) skulking around the front...hrrrm.

crit mine please (sorry, the link is funky)


What about now? What do you guys think?


Do you guys like the front and the back like this?


I really like the idea but what about swapping the designs? it seems to me that if you put the outline drawing on the back it could work better


I really like it too! I think the added pig was a good idea but also think the designs should be swapped.
Oh and maybe you should still change the font for the "we love bacon" part, just my personal preference..
Keep up the good work!

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