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  • by percy b
  • posted Jan 28, 2009

This is my second submission on Threadless. It's 5 colors on light blue, and I would like the design to run to the seams on the front side of the shirt (as you can see on the "shirt" slide).

Hope you like it!

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percy b

This is my second submission on Threadless. It's 5 colors on light blue, and I would like the design to run to the seams on the front side of the shirt (as you can see on the "shirt" slide).

Hope you like it!

empiricist profile pic Alumni

poor bears and great illo!


brilliant! I REALLY hope this one wins.

Show some love!!

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

buahahaha perfect, maybe placement doesnt have to be all over the shirt, could work as a center placement as well $$


So sad

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

I'd definitely prefer a smaller, centre placement, but this is lovely (and so sad!).




good idea

ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni



wow, nice work!

percy b

Wow, this one went up fast. Thanks for all the comments, everybody!

I had considered including a second, smaller placement option, but didn't for some reason... So if everyone could indicate whether they'd prefer the placement in slide 2 or the placement that alexmdc and krakaboom were talking about, I'd appreciate it!


I think I would prefer it slightly smaller and in the center still just so it didn't take up the whole shirt is all. very nice

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

I absolutely love this design! I agree with alexmdc, krakaboom, and others in that this design doesn't need to reach all the way out to the seams. Still, great concept and rendition!


It is perfect and so poignant. The bears are SO cute! Did you draw them yourself?

percy b

Thanks! Yup, drew em all myself...haha.


I like this shirt... I have seen a very similar concept before but nothing is "truly original" so don't be offended by that. I still give it a 5 even though my shirt is competing with yours and agree that the placement could be smaller and centred.


nice as a print don't think it works as a T

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

This is really cool, I dig the style! Looks awesome as a print but I agree with alexmdc and would have had a smaller center placement on the tee.


Love this, wish I could buy it right now!
I think your placement looks really cute on the women's tee, but maybe a smaller, centered placement (like on the print) would be better for a men's tee.


very depressing, originally thought the bears were plotting against the giraffes for some reason. Nice design.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

i agree, the bars on the top aren't all that flattering to the wearer. Very cute bear prisoners and keep it up, good stuff!

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

lovely bears. 5$

percy b

Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate all the comments.


awww. sad. I have a love hate relationship with zoos. Yeah, the bars are a little awkward, but I like the bears a lot.


there are feeling in there. really good job



percy b

Not sure what that last one means, but thanks for the comments!

biotwist profile pic Alumni

i love this a lot but this there anyway you can hook me up with that print template?


really cool and funny that shirt will keep people staring ! it's an eye catcher , good message to

phillydesigner profile pic Alumni

really cute!! definitely smaller placement..

percy b

Thanks, guys!


I love the placement and the idea. I hope they can print this!


Sad but true. I was just at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa FL last work and it was melancholy for just these reasons...

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