Monkey Wrench

Do Not Throw Me!

Watch this

Not every monkey is a chimpanzee hoodrat. ;-)


booring siloet with cliche clipart crown to boot. $0


Thanks Eccentric Sage. This coming from a guy who has 0 designs and probably couldn't even write his name cool.

Thanks for nothing.


wow, harsh responses lucky11studios


i wonder about the crown myself.


the crown brings my vote down one because it just doesn't make sense, no matter how good it looks.


I think the crown gives the image a good upward draw...


I agree about the crown. I like the idea though.


Insulting your voters won't get you very far.


the crown describes the fact that the chimp (or whatever) is no longer gonna take the fact it's being forked around by humans. just like in the planet of the apes - the monkey becomes the leader. cool idea, just you maybe have to think a little too much to get the concept.. would be better with a quicker visual punchline maybe?


Not trying to insult anyone... Really not... but that's just rude to call someone's work "a boring silhouette with cliche clip art - $0." If I don't like someone's design, I give it the "grade" it deserves and move on. No need to publicly call them out. That's just being a jackass.

Also, i just found it interesting that the guy calling me out has never designed a thing and can't even spell silhouette. ;-)

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