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I just love over detailed thing -- Did this along with some other ideas to try and round up funds for a over seas trip to study art for the summer.

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I just love over detailed thing -- Did this along with some other ideas to try and round up funds for a over seas trip to study art for the summer.

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

wow! this is awesome!! great style! I wish it had some color...


nobody's home.

olie! profile pic Alumni

Holy shit this is awesome! But I agree it might be even better with just a touch of color :)


MY eyes were HUrting real bad by the time I finished it -- I was in no mood for colour , Maby the Next Sub XD Thanks though

Scorpio Spork

Some shading would add impact even if you choose not to color it. Either way, I like. :3


Why is it so awesome!

Montro profile pic Alumni

HAHAHHHHA love it!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

color would make this one million bajillion times better

BlueLobster profile pic Alumni

crack the whip HEEYA 5$

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Awesome, high five$

bsweber profile pic Alumni

this is so much better than I expected from the thumbnail :)


but yeah, I'd love some color in there too! can't wait to see more from you though.

jameses.x profile pic Alumni

you did this in autocad, don't you ), $


Lol Autocad? I havent touched that since highschool -- nah i drew it up in photoshop


I love the details.

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Wow, I like this a lot. Good work.


Amazing, Love the detail. $5


Really, really nice one!


I love the drawing, but it realy needs more to it. Maybe some very old world looking sepia tone coloring with some texture filters? This could be amazing, but as is, looks unfinished.


though I do love the drawing, don't get me wrong. Indeed amazing architecture!


Ya your right , IT would take much less time colouring it then It did line arting it anyway -- I'll work ona colourd version and submit that after this voteing is over


Wow..I wish there really was a house like this. AmaZING!
Some color or shading would be sweet, but it IS awsome anyway!!

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

very cool drawing

phillydesigner profile pic Alumni

really awesome!!! love it as one color.. i'd lose the thicker outline since it draws attention.. but wicked design nonetheless! $4

percy b

nice illo, great title


DUDE i love this. would be great on a print and shirt.


This is some awesome detail, I love highly detailed designs to, its fun to just draw um by hand


i absolutely love this! i liked the idea of a monster of a building was on wheels, but the horse just finished the deal for me. it's really charming, and i hope it gets printed!


awesome house and adorable little horse.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

wow, now THAT'S one detailed piece right there. I agree, a dash of color hiter and tither would bring this to the next level for me, and maybe an old man holding the goat while walking, but overall a nice style and tee design!

Mountain Gnome

Please add colour and resub, fantastic drawing!


i love it so much. but i have to agree that the tiniest bit of color or shading would bring out the details even more.


there's a book called Moving Engines that this makes me think of. It also makes me thing of Howl's Moving Castle. It's a good design, but not one I personally would wear. 4


I love this design..but personally I'd like it better with color.


This is my new house, I'll be moving in next week. LOVE!

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