• by carly day
  • posted Jan 25, 2009

Specialty ink requirements: Pink cherry blossoms on the tree would look cool in "flock."

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carly day

Specialty ink requirements: Pink cherry blossoms on the tree would look cool in "flock."


very cool...i give it a five...

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It's a cool idea, but your execution really needs work.... is this on a white t-shirt or a pink one?


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I only think you need to remove that touch of red, as it is distracting IMO, but I like the style. flock would look cool!


You know, I also think the image should be bigger to fill up more of the shirt.

I like the organic look of the scetchy shadeing, btw. At first I didn't notice the tank, wich I think makes this more interesting.


i think the tank and tree just need a bit mroe definition. Otherwise, it's gorgeous, I love cherry blossoms!

carly day

thanks guys for the comments! Specific criticism is appreciated so I can learn. Best, Carly

carly day

I thought of filling in the shaded images with the paint bucket so that they would be really defined, but decided I liked the look of the sketchy pencil. What do you think?

The shirt will be white.


Get more roots arount the touret if that is the effect you want, this version doesn't express that powerful concept to it's fullest. I want more roots! love this reminds me of Vancouver (the tree) and style is very appealing.


keep the sketchyness! theres too many vectors graphics floating around threadless for my taste... this on the other hand is beautiful.


love it! love the concept, love the artwork

carly day

Thanks guys for all of the comments. I'm new here so I appreciate the feedback.


if the shirt is white, then delete the weird boxy-thing in the background, please. :)
beautiful drawing though. i simply love cherry blossoms.

carly day

Ah, Thank you. I left the background white instead of transparent.


i really like this, but i think it would be better in a tan/off-white color


wow, very original! I love it!
I agree with the previous poster that said that the tree and tank should be more defined. but this t-shirt is definitely FTW anyway :)


haahahahaahah i love it 555555555

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