Numbers Change

  • by skylervm
  • posted Jan 23, 2009

Watch this

I like it.

Bio-bot 9000
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really cool concept, layout, and nice colors.

gacho the gato

This shirt has I lot of meaning, I love the whole design and idea, I really hope this one wins

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

good for an awareness poster. sort of 'whatever' as a t-shirt design though.


I really like this shirt because it taught me something while having a great design that is nice enough to wear too. Awesome job! Hope you win.


Cool idea and good execution.


not for a tshirt


awesome, awesome awesome



It's clever and meaningful and cool and educational all at once.


kinda random but then if I am standing in line to see a movie I would love to be behind the guy wearing this shirt


love it!


Great! I love it


Nice, but not really "Threadless" .


great. $5. don't know if it will get printed on here, but it will somewhere!


Thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate the feedback. For the people saying it doesn't work as a t-shirt, I thought the same when first coming up with it. I ended up getting some printed after it was finished and they turned out really well. What I like most about it is the fact that just about anytime I've worn it, it gets people talking, which I think is a really good thing. Anyway, thanks again for your votes & comments!


In fact it's the same thing


Ok, so you are appart of the GPE, I remember seeing these shirts around campus


Yep, I'm the one who made them :)


Ok, but check out the Threadless Terms of Service, you can't submit a design that is being sold elsewhere.


I love this and want it and will wear it. 5$

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I agree with ginettex2, really interesting factoids on this, i learned a bunch about the country i never did, but this isn't the thing Threadless usually prints....keep at it and maybe submit somewhere else that has a more activism bend.


I'd like to clear something up that I think a lot of people are misinformed about.

First off, yes, this shirt is being sold elsewhere. I designed this shirt about 6 months ago and allowed a nonprofit organization, Global Peace Exchange, to use it as a fundraiser to help build an IT school in Rwanda as well as raise funds to help the organization continue running.

I am in no way making, nor have I ever made any money from the this t-shirt. I've read through the terms of service as well as the submission terms and it is unclear as to whether or not that is acceptable due to the fact that it's being offered by a nonprofit. If threadless decides to remove the shirt because of this, that's fine with me. I just want to clear up this confusion and make sure everyone knows why it's on their site.

Again, I AM NOT selling these shits elsewhere. Global Peace Exchange, a nonprofit, is.


This shirt SHOULD be printed... i'd buy it... if threadless doesn't print it, let me know where i can get one ;) ...nice work.


THIS would be a tshirt worth buying. so powerful!


Thanks again for all your votes. I appreciate all of your input/votes. Let's hope this gets printed!

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