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my first submission, be kind! lol

Watch this

my first submission, be kind! lol


It seems finished, I'd say time to sub.


I've had a few friends of mine take a look at it and they've said it should be bigger and the hand higher up, any thoughts?


I feel like you have too much going on in this Dai's. I find the random white patterns distracting, kind of like there's no central theme in this. Maybe focus more on the winged hand, move it up more toward the middle of the shirt. Pick a main theme and expound on it. You know I'm being honest cause I love ya and you have talent :D


The hand could be moved higher up, but just think about where you want it to hit -- higher on the chest or where you've got it placed? I think it works either way. I really like the wings, but maybe the fingertips could be more rounded? I think the white embellishments work, though I could readily see the design with just the hand hovering higher and the soft white flowery shadow anchoring the design at the bottom. I think you've got everything you need in place -- it's just a personal call now if you want to tweak it. :)


I think the white designs are a bit out-of-place, I think it would be better if the hand/wings were a bit higher up and larger, without the white designs around them and just with the shadow below.

Alternatively, I can really see the hand/wings as the back of another t-shirt design, with the hand/wings printed right on the shoulder blades area.

Reciprocal Critiquing?


Raised and increased the size of the hand/wings, rounded the tips a little, also working on a shirt with wings in the back, wasnt sure at first if i could do that =D

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