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Girl Blowing

  • by jp92672
  • posted Jan 15, 2009

Different shades of brown and green of a girl blowing into her hand.

Watch this

Different shades of brown and green of a girl blowing into her hand.


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It's hard to tell at first that the light green bits are her hair. Only then did I notice her lips... Hard to notice the connection between the different parts.
I like the idea, though! =)

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lol@dirtiest title of the most innocent sub ever.

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evan, you're mean man lol

Casey Laws Lapin

It took me a good while to make out the hair/lip/face silhouette. The heaviness of the arm is a bit distracting as well. Needs a bit of tweaking.


The idea is good, and it appears that you put some effort into it... but on a t-shirt, you want people to get it in like 3 seconds...

and i just spent a solid 47 seconds deciphering the girls "face."


I really like this print a lot. It's fuuny some of the comments though. Who says you have to get it right away. It seems to me that is the whole point of the shirt, being subtle. I guess if the designer wanted it to be more clear maybe there would be eyes then or more facial features. I like your design and would buy it. Nice work!

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