Sheep burn fast

  • by SummerBS
  • posted Jan 14, 2009

Fire and Wool, put them together and you get Inferno and Death.

Watch this

Fire and Wool, put them together and you get Inferno and Death.


I'm not digging the placing. Maybe a little lower. Maybe a tad smaller.


i agree with above mr......
a lower placement would make it look better when worn.
fun stuff though


I moved it and scaled it. I also added a little smokey text. Tell me what you think, be critical.


Yeah. Loads better.


haha! this is so funny, I really like the smoky text too
I'd buy this for my brother


i personally like it without the text... i like the smoke, but not the words...

to each their own...

Liz J

I like the placement of the second one, though I am not sold on the placement of the words.


I like much!! ^^


pretty much the awesomest ever

Matt Marvin

This shirt definitely needs text, but I'm not completely sure that that is the best application, you may want to try a few versions. But overall I love your idea and artwork!

davidfromdallas profile pic Alumni

amazing. needs some more love, though, if you really want to have a chance. would love to see some different color tee options, as well as a close-up of the sheep.


Thanks everyone for the great feedback! I added other color options and took the text out completely. Tell me what you think.


i prefer the original version v1... really... it looked more stylish...


yeah a prefer v1 just add a little smoke, and the fire from the match put it on the other way, so you can notice that somebody trow it to the ship.
can you please checkout mine?
(sorry I dont know how to make HTML)

zenbolic vision

sheep in final stage is alive just smoky and black and soem ashes and all the burn effect all around and diffrent expresions in 3 stages and last is like hes sad this way it can suit threaless minds i think,, maybe,,,
and also its funnier to see his expressions he can be copy paste and that numb in all stages thanks and crtit me


Wool does not burn. you can use a wool blanket to smoother a fire.


i love to hate sheep... lambchop (the character) scared the **** out of me when i was younger


I love the design of the sheep. Something about its big vacuous non emotive eyes as it gets burned alive just makes it that much funnier to me... I don't condone sheep or animal burning in anyway.... well maybe pigeons... filthy sky rats.

I also think the smoke could be toned down as well.

davidfromdallas profile pic Alumni

ps. make sure you really listen to everyone's comments and spend time making this perfect. i went through about 9 or 10 of these on my current sub to get it to where it is today and everyone helps so much. this is a great great idea and don't sub it if you know there's still things you can try.


Wow thanks everyone! I will be working on V4 and posting that as soon as possible. I really want it to be perfect before I sub :) so your critiques are really appreciated.


lol great concept


Holy Sheep!

Add that. ;-)

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