I've noticed a disturbing trend in my first 24 hours of being a member. I submit a slogan and within 3 seconds it has already been "OMG no'd", usually twice at least. Am I doing something wrong or is there a team of people working to reject everything that's posted ASAP?
I understand that not everyone will like everything, but it just seems a little surreal to frequently see "3 votes, 0% liked it" within 6 seconds of submitting.

Bizarre, I tell you, bizarre.

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haha. Yeah a lot of people down vote, but if you give it some time, and encourage people to vote, sometimes they go up, if they are legitimately funny.


Well, I just fired off 7 slogans in ten seconds and each of them were 0% two seconds later.

This place has a bot problem, doesn't it?

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No, when you submit a slogan, for the first while it is available to vote on in the score/submit section so a lot of people will see it.

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And yes, some of your slogans are not good.


Well, I understand that some of them are not good. But they all start off 2 votes, 0%. =P Even those 40%+ ones started off with a handful at 0%. Granted, they did bounce above 70 for a while there, but dropped.

Just not familiar with the system yet, I guess. I'll get used to it. Appreciate the comments, all the same! =)

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