I hearth the queen

  • by kmaz
  • posted Jan 02, 2009

The queen of hearth, second visual part of my World Poker Threadless.

Watch this

The queen of hearth, second visual part of my World Poker Threadless.

mat redvers

i reckon if you resubbed all your cards together with a good design idea it could definitely be a winner. they are pretty good as standalone designs but not stand alone shirts.

good luck!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Those boobies are weird. Goes well with her equally weird Sloth face....2

supertrooper74 profile pic Alumni

Yeah..her wink is weird. Looks more like she has a black eye.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

I just got a full house.

In my pants.


aaauuughh, love it! I agree that the wink looks off, but the rest is cool.

David Messer

Supertrooper, do you ever post positive comments? I like this design.


Actually funny that the wink is the center of attention. It is, in fact, a black-eyed winked and is intended to look weird. To understand check my other submission: the king of Pimp...


And @mat redvers, yes I plan, when they are all done, to regroup all the cards in one illustration. Each family has a theme, the heart are pimp/hooker, the spades are bondage etc.
Thanks all for your comments.

supertrooper74 profile pic Alumni

See David Messer? I was right. I never said the design was bad, just that her wink looked more like a black eye, which it is.

Krimson profile pic Alumni

as a print perhaps?


I really appreciate this


hahano. king was funny... great general idea. the set of three prints have some potential, but c'mon, what kind of stand alone shirt is this?


the wink is weird because when someone does wink their bottom eye lind doesnt move to the middle of the eye as depicted


Well that's the dumbest thing I've seen for awhile now. You have a bizarre fetish my friend.


The hooker of hearts?


walleyed bewbs. haha


Bio-bot 9000 - that was awesome

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

beeeewbs! YES!

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