Hot cat's bun

  • by StevenTu
  • posted Jan 01, 2009

Cats... don't you just love the way they stretch all over YOUR STUFF??

Grr. :)

Watch this

Cats... don't you just love the way they stretch all over YOUR STUFF??

Grr. :)


i love your designs, not just this one, but is the cat a bit fat?
Also the cat's tail look a bit weird, lost the depth perception, looks like it just shaped weird, or maybe it's just my eyes.

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the dog's kind of at a weird angle. i think it's supposed to be perspective, but it looks like his rump is raised up. maybe a horizon line or some surface would resolve that issue. also, i'd like to see more 'narrative' or something going on here. did the cat take the dog's place and kick him out? the dog looks kind of sad.
also, i think the inside of the bun should have a center line to give it some form.


Nice work, I can see you give details on object's shadow, but the shadow of cat might be needed your love. ;-) awesome.


Cats... can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Actually, you can... but who would want to? :)

A few tweaks and jigs to the concept... I think that's about it...


i like the idea and design. I think the shadows could be deeper in places. The figures seem to flatten out in places. The same thing happens to the bun. I like the way you treated the tomatoes as part of the shirt color.

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Why are there tomatoes?


Er... Tomatoes in your hot dog... tomatoe ketchup... something :P it's all very conceptual isn't it? :P


nice idea, but like toopersent said, the tomatoes doesnt fit at all. well i dont know, but i never ate a hotdog with tomatoes on it (just ketchup) but im from germany, so maybe you do:)
in my opinion its too much. the bun and the sad looking dog - thats enough^^


hahah interesting!!
i would say drop the tomato slices though they are really good...


The black lines on the dogs face you've used to denote skin folds don't gel with the style of everything else where you have used no lines, plus the lines currently don't look all that great...the tomato source idea is a good one

overall pretty humerous idea and the execution is coming along nicely


nwgriffi the red "whiskers" is a cat claw scratch mark. nice design :)


jajaja genial el concepto ,muy buena grafica!!!


Hi, I think the tomatoes ought to go like everyone has been saying, or maybe replace them with pickles at least... I don't know anywhere where you can get tomatoes on hot dogs... but to the design concept itself, I wasn't sure at the beginning if the dog killed the cat, someone already suggested it should be awake. The dog does look scared off, but it took me awhile to pull the connections out of the image.
Good luck!

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