The Seed That Fell on Rocky Soil

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I really love this design!


It's not in particular from the Bible...although the title came into my mind from the parable of the sower:)

Bio-bot 9000
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it's great! an ode to perseverance, maybe? :D


yes, it is an ode to perseverance exactly!


remove the heavy black outlines

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I was trying to read what it said - then realised that this wasn't a text sub! I've got JOT overload :)

ben chen
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looks terrific on the shirt!


Root needs to be darker brown, [and then perhaps on a differnt color brown shirt] cause it looks like a worm...


Cool! Goodluck!


yeah, darker root on a different brown or contrasting color(s), and this would be excellent

nice as is, though

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nice idea, it just seems a bit too caetoony for me to really dive deep into the art style for this one. Super concept tho.


agree w/ the root-worm...and use line thinner. theres so much focus on the root...i think it would be great with just a tiny bit more work on the stalk of the plant...kind of a voila! thing. stalk visibility is important to the that its better for all its hard work!


Love this design!


5 from me, but the roots should be lighter.


Ha ha stochos! others are saying they should be darker:)


why do the roots look like worms.


A comment on the "Roots." Actually what is winding is not roots, it is the plant itself. The roots are what is below the seed. Plants can't turn green til they emerge into the sunlight. I tried having the plant that is underground (what people are calling the root) to be white/cream and it looked bad, it was very stark/bright and didn't work with the color scheme. It's just a persevering little plant getting itself dirty as it winds through the rocky soil!


haha looks like a digestive system to me

heyheyitsme does resemble that slightly!

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I really dig the concept, I just wish the execution were a little cleaner. with a bit of reworking, this could easily be $$5.


how would you define cleaner? please add to the suggestions given so far and maybe i will rework it at some point! thanks!


I thought it's an earthworm...
But nicely done.


I thought it was an eathworm too. Maybe if it had some smaller roots coming from the major root? really nice concept however.

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