Babe The Blue Ox

  • by Mom Tried
  • posted Dec 28, 2008

Who says Babe was too big to rock on a tee?

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Mom Tried

Who says Babe was too big to rock on a tee?

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Nicely done, but i'd like to see more "gigantic" elements to this. after all, he was the Big Blue Ox.


love the bold coloring


why's he got foliage on him?


I don't like it, just because he's dead. xP
But it is an interesting design. I agree that it also needs more of a "big" element, though I've no ideas as to what that could be. . . .


it's ironic so i like it, but why a pink tee? and i agree w/ bio-bot about making him seem larger and the foliage is weird


i think i would like it if the color of the tee was granite or anything other than pink.

Mom Tried

Blue Maybe? Cause he's a blue ox?


I agree with most of above:
It would look better on a light blue.
It needs something to indicate the scale of the ox.
The leaves work against the head being gigantic, they should look tiny on Babe's giant horns.
If it were my creation, I probably would've included a giant axe with bloodstains on it, but I'm not right in the head.


I like the pink shirt color b/c it gives a nice contrasting element and any other color I feel would turn off some of the more girly ladies in the house.

Mom Tried

Thank you all! I thought the pink would be good to highlight the tongue and eyes and the tee could be printed on lt. blue as well for the manly men. But we all know real men wear pink.

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