• by suceda
  • posted Dec 28, 2008

This is a rebus puzzle, see if you can guess what it says.

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This is a rebus puzzle, see if you can guess what it says.


"i don't get it"
eye doughnut-u gnet-n sit-s

this is a piece of crap.

campkatie profile pic Alumni

is it "I do not get it" ??

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

I suck at English rebus puzzles because I'm French but I love the illustration. $5
And I still badly want Homespun to be printed.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

I don't get muppet!

This is awesome, great colors!

Eddi U is a piece of crap.


It's not a piece of crap it says " I owe you __ ____"

Still trying to figure the rest


"i dont get it",
like everyone above said, is the answer


i dont get hairy cyclop

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

super cool style. i donut understand it


is the u a trick? to make you think it says i owe you?
but if its "i don't get it", why is there an N and an S?
this is gonna bug me...

miko e

very cool ,,

jess4002 profile pic Alumni



I don't get beat?


$5 This is brilliant. When people read this shirt they're gonna say "I don't get it" and I'm gonna say, yeah, good job. And then they'll be even more confused.

catalina aguilera
catalina aguilera profile pic Alumni

oh so the hairy cyclop is supposue to spell "sit"? and that things called gnet? waay to hard :D, but really pretty! would have wanted it if it didnt make me feel stupid ^^


it says "I dont get it"
sorry if it seems confusing, I didn't want to make to easy to solve either...


brilliant .. I LOVE IT ... 55555


I love that this is so difficult to get. It makes the final solve make so much more sense.

Also, nice style

Little Ghost

i dun get it too, but i really like your style

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It's really the SIt that throws the whole thing off, since the focus is on the freak-ass but very cool trucker hat wearing monster than him sitting. Maybe if you had an arrow at his butt or him in the midst of sitting down and had the arrow from his botty to the seat? I always enjoyed these puzzles, and perhaps the fact that it's really tough to get and confusing to figure out is all part of the brilliance of the actual answer to the puzzle? I'm splitting the difference and giving it a 3. Nice work!


u get my atention so for a t-shirt mission acomplished:)
great ilustration work 5

Skap 1er

The sitting threw me off BUT i love it for how it looks. I would love a shirt with just that monster on it


I thought the subtraction signs were dashes. But very coolio dude!

and eye hear + t the drawer -er +ing. : )


rebus puzzle art tends to look like clip art, I definitely did not want to do that, couldn't help myself, had to add hairy monster :) I know he (and my style) makes things a little more complicated, but that's part of fun. This shirt would make a great conversation piece at your next cocktail party.

snow day.

great! i really like it

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Very clever shit here! A contender for sure. Congrats man.


jajaaj It's really good, love the style



Tricky but got there
Lovely illo tho


your style always brings a big grin to my face.

clever and wonderful $5


i sort of love it. especially your illustration of the eye! great job!


the hairy monster is Cousin Itt sitting with a weird eye hat

so this shirts message is
"I Don't Get Cousin Itt Itting"

hmm, thats kinda dumb
heres a very generous 3


I don't get rebus... I thought it said, "I owe you gnomes"

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