Pythagoras Thought In The Sun

  • by The Dot
  • posted Dec 27, 2008

Go think in the sun.

2 color print +1 uv.

Spells out CLEARNESS in uv/sun light.

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The Dot

Go think in the sun.

2 color print +1 uv.
Spells out CLEARNESS in uv/sun light.

mat redvers

nice idea and well executed! pretty difficult to read though.


wow i didnt even realize there was text in it


It looks cool and if it wasnt supposed to say anything you would get a 5 and I was going to give you one until I saw "Spells out Clearness" which I can't see at all. Still cool looking though so 4.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

i actually really like how the message is obscured. it's still an awesome design, and is not immediately 'branded' by text.


This is great!! I prefer it in purple.... (the original one).. PRiiIIIINt!!

miko e


The Dot

Thanks for your comments. I know that it's hard to read... but i would rater make a pretty shirt than a classic typetee.


I wanna wear that

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Could have never guessed what was spelled, but I love the design.


the UV effect will really make this work! original is best! even if people will never guess what it's spelled, the design will still look good abstract


wouldnt have known there was text unless you said so.

snow day.

cool, couldn't see the text though


I wouldn't have seen the text if you hadn't mentioned it. But that makes it a little surprise :)
I love the original best.


wow that is some tripped out stuff, I couldn't even see clearness when I first saw it, and still had a hard time finding it when I read about what it said, all the same, it's a pretty cool design dude


I like the blue and green one.

evan3 profile pic Alumni

where are the words?
cool though


original (:
i like it better when there are no words, but i can live w/ it




The Dot

Thanks for your comments :)


I don't know about the design but I'd give you a 10+ for presentation!

mezo profile pic Alumni

There is no text, I don't believe you. But the design is rad.

ginger snap

I would have never seen the text if you didn't say anything about it. I think the design is alright, but you should maybe think about making the text a little more noticeable.


hahaha thats sick!
they need to print this
let me know what u think of mine!


Like the idea, but can't read it at all. Also, not to be one of those people, but clearness sounds awkward. Shouldn't it be clarity?

Richard_Lee profile pic Alumni

the original and the upper right alternate are my favorites. awesome!


This is a great design. Not too sure about the "CLEARNESS" though. Maybe if it said something different..... Still a great looking shirt. I would wear it.

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