So I'm having a holiday party tonight, and I'm expecting around 10 people. We're having hor d'oeuvre-y stuff, latkes, chips, and dessert. I have a box of candy cane joe-joes (AMAZING -- if you're anywhere near trader joe's, buy some right now), peppermint bark, hot chocolate, a bunch of pumpkin pies that we have in the house anyway, possibly, and possibly a crumb cake.

I just baked one batch of no-pudge brownies.

The box says there are 12 servings, though I ate at least one (they broke!). Should I make another batch just to make sure there's enough, or is most of a batch + cookies and stuff plenty?

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cut them into tiny brownies then it looks liek more with no work


You need apples, in case of scurvy.


Also, fat free = sugar alcohol (usually) = the shitz


wullugaru -- I baked them in a mini muffin pan, which turns out to reduce baking time while making really cute brownies! I think there are around 16 brownies left.

Monique -- I just checked the ingredients list, and it actually lives up to the "all natural" claim on the box. The most unusual thing on there is wheat gluten. I'm not sure how they do it, but they're really, really good.


Nice, put lots of TP in the washroom just in case. Lulz.

TP is also useful for mopping up messes caused by sugar highs. :)


^That sounded not like what I was trying to say. Oh well.

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