Lucha Libre

Thumb wrestling, Mexican style!

Watch this

Thumb wrestling, Mexican style!


I need some help with the text on this one.
I'd like it to say "for the thumbs", "Por los ......?"

I also plan to put some text in the bottom scroll. So far I have some from a real Lucha Libre poster: Arena Nacionalista - Sabado 21 De Abril - A Las 8.30pm.

Any suggestions for colours / T-shirt colour?

If anyone has any advice I would be very grateful.


Ryder Revolution: It's a rough version - the above post should explain.


Thanks to walmazan for completing te sentence for me.
"Por los pulgares"


Also, does anyone have any tips for fading out the colour on the wrists?
I was thinking of a half-tone but I'm not sure how to do it!

I'm using Photoshop BTW.


i think its brilliant, cant help with the halftone tho cos i cant do it either! sorry


Love this design/concept. Get it finished and submit it soon, please.


clever I must say..It would be cool to see this as a finished product


Thanks everyone.

sheena4one: Well maybe someone will tell me here and we'll both find out!


Bump for half-tone tips for Wonderlove

Help a dude out with the wrists for this soon-to-be sub.


Haha, thanks seashellgigi!

MEKAZOO profile pic Alumni

cool concept dude, but work with the mask details make it more clear. Love the idea!


The plan is to make it look like an old poster.
I'll add some more text.
I'd like to keep it looking a bit 'sketchy' and maybe give it a slightly aged look.

quister profile pic Alumni

Great, great concept!!! I immediately got the feeling that, "God!I wish I had thought of it."

I agree with what you're thinking about. Maybe get some old wrestling/boxing posters for reference. Maybe have the thumb masks head to head snarling at each other.

Keep going this is a winner!

quister profile pic Alumni

To stress out, (old worn out look), try setting the eraser on lower %'s (10, 20, 30 40% etc) and experiment on duplicate layers, swiping over what you want to look worn, (background color, banner and type, hands below the thumbs). You can vary the roughness by choosing some of the granular shapes in the brush palette and vary the eraser from big to small depending on the parts of the design you're working on.

You can also pick a granular brush in the brush palette, and roughly swipe a darker color over a lighter color like they do in fake antiquing. Check out the dark color roughing up the gold color in the word "MegaBout" here

You can use this to rough up or stress out a lot of things but there's a lot more ways to do it. Google, stress photos, stress type, photoshop. Good luck

Mountain Gnome

Hi Wonderlove,

This is a great Idea for a design:

I would suggest the following;

1. redo the colour of the hands to a more natural colour

2. redraw the hands to make it a left hand and a right hand as would be so if two people were about to have a thumb war

3. halftones would be great to fad out of make shading

4. distressed filter does not always make things look better.

Good Luck!

Mountain Gnome

oh yeah and with the hands, if they were interlocking that would be so much cooler!


i really like the only the hands...


actually, i think the idea is really cool but the hands are lacking in detail, they have that one thick border around them and then when it comes to the fingers there is a faint line....


Just make it the thumbs, no text, no vs. text. We already know its thumb wrestling.


haha this is cool! mock us a distressed poster looking one and we can decide on the banners from there....if you do it like a poster, you could have it in a frame of sorts for the edge of the poster, and that would help with the cutoff of the wrists. love the concept, love the colors of the thumbs!

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