Ants on my tee

I bloody love ants!

Watch this

I like this!

T Crane

Looks cool!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

I like ants and all, but I kind of wish they were in different poses, like a real swarm. Also, it would be cooler if they were spelling out a message that ants might actually say, like "defend the queen!", or something less literal.


I agree with Bio-bot


I'm with Bio-Bot on this issue


it was a good idea, but NOOOOO you didn't draw your own ant!

if your point is to make it look like you have ants on your tee, then think like an ant. if i were an ant, i wouldn't strike a northwest pose with all my buddies.

Miss Fortunate

"Bio-Bot's onto something.
Actually, lots of somethings."

Agreed :]


I really like it =)


nice... but if the font was different.. n yeah.. no need for this huge ant.. but u can make little scrambled ants in the rest of the tee


amazing idea but ants don't stand in perfect rows like that

make it frantic and chaotic like ants and you'll definitely be in the running

perhaps they could say "watch your step!"


Draw your own ant.
I really don't like the big one either.


its a good idea to have ants on your t shirt but not like this. Perhaps scatter them around to make it look more real?

PS: Its easy to draw your own ant


loose the big ant!!and a litle more organic drawing of the text and it's a sure winner!!!congrats!!

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

What bio-bot said. It would make the design a lot more interesting.


great, but i would skip the big ant.....



Come on guys, don't you get it? Ants in my pants, ants on my tee...yeah?


to the uprising, the ant you found in stockphoto is not the same ant as this amazing tee's amazing ant.

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