Krimson's Wannabe 365 Slogan-Blog: October 4th update

Alright, so I know I am a tad late to get into this, but I just started getting into sloganeering and I figured I could try to catch up. I will probably post a handful a day, or at least try. Mostly, I want to do this to force myself to keep practicing slogan writing. However, getting to know the threadless bloggers and hearing their suggestions is a side-benefit.

Standard rules apply, Bolded lines are still in the fight. To vote either click the slogans tab, or Here. Anyways, here goes the nonsense:
Also, If you would like to work with me on a Collab, please check out my Collab-idea page at Krimson's Collab Corner.

October 4th
Toast: Come over to the dark side.
Entomologists are always Bugging Me.
My Glass Contains Half Its Capacity.
Tofu: It's People!

September 14th
Librarians just don't give a shhhhh.

End finger-gun violence.
My other quandary is a conundrum.
I'm not lost, I just like surprises.
Shoot baskets, not junk.
I didn't schedule time to be spontaneous today.
You can't spell Education without Education.

September 6th, 2010
French people just don't give a crêpe.

I did a cannonball in the gene pool.
I'm pretty important on the Internet.
A Rose by any other name would be Rosa eglanteria.
My train of thought is derailed.
You've dammed up my steam of consciousness.
I'm not crazy, I just have an inner monologue.

August 14, 2010
I may not be an Optometrist, but you are good looking.
Editors follow the law to the letter.

August 10, 2010
The anticipation is...
You should see the other guy. He's completely fine.

July 30th, 2010
She blinded me with science... and mace.

Magic: The cause of and solution to all of life's problems.
Unicorns make jousting more efficient.
Since I first saw you through my binoculars, I knew I was in love

Hey I realized I kinda flaked on this, so here is a whole bunch of slogans to make up for it, and I will be adding more to finish this thing off
I'm eating for two, my imaginary friend and me.

Slogans: The Perfect Excuse for Ogling.
Asterisks: The Poor Man's Star. *
Everything is better without pants.
Zombies created the first Hearts and Minds campaign.
The Sky is the Limit: Crushing the dreams of Aspiring Astronauts
Pirates: The First Equal Opportunity Employer.
Carpenters love board games.

Nov 17th
Rectangles are too hip to be square.

I'm with awesome. (Arrow pointing upwards)

Nov 10th
A rose by any other name would be improperly classified.

I invented the less politically correct, "Hungry Hungry Hobo"
Puns are the Crack of the Literary World.
My Ego: Something so big, only I can carry it.
There is no problem in life that cannot be solved by hot sauce.

Halloween Catchup Edition!
I'm marinating in my creative juices.

Ive been eating dots and chasing ghosts since you were in diapers
Clown violence is no laughing matter.
Personally, I welcome our Intergalactic Overlords.

Oct 24th
Whistling while you work is bad advice for mimes.

October 22nd
Thesaurus: Brainiest of all the Dinosaurs.

October 18th
The TV told me that brainwashing is wrong.

I'd give you my two cents if you can break a twenty.
Squirrels Drive me Nuts
Occam's Razor is terrible for shaving.

Wiccan, all the fun without being burned at the stake.

All sorts of stuff forced a hiatus

Sept 29th
Sanity is slowly driving me crazy.
I don't talk to myself, It is a monologue.
The Alvin Parson Project.

sept 22nd
Being too cool for school gets you into Community College

sept 19th
I got my degree in business from Monopoly.

Sept 17-18th
Cannibalism is just recycling in action.
Asteroids were the first Rock Stars.

Sept 16th
Mockingbirds are Blatant Plagiarizers.

Sept 15th
If at first you don't succeed, rethink your career as a surgeon

Sept 14th
Down with Helvetica (in hand-script font)
Risk taught me all I need to know to take over the world.


Sept 9th
Work: crushing dreams one deadline at a time.

AC/DC: helping dropouts fill out multiple-choice tests since 1973
Amnesia: Even if you have it, you won't remember.

I Lurk the Web Like a Ninja.

Sept 7th
Irony is a dish best served hilarious.

Sept 6th
My Other Race Car is a Palindrome.

Sept 3rd
The Supermarket had a two-for-one sale on Crime Fighters.

Sept 2nd
War is never the answer, except sometimes on History tests.

Sept 1st
Puppies: Nature's Anti-Depressant.

August 31st
Artichokes are the Porcupines of the vegetable world.

August 30th
A spoonful of sugar does not help the insulin go down.

August 27-29
16 and 25 Agree, It is Hip to be Square.
Eating Caterpillars Gives Me Butterflies in my Stomach
Goths Are Proof that the Dark Ages are Making a Comeback.

August 26
Pegasus: The Original Hybrid.

August 24, 25
Simon Says is Mind Control in Disguise

I Wanted To Be A Surgeon, But I Just Couldn't Cut It.
If you can't say something nice, you are probably a jerk.

August 21-23
Let's get down with Gravity!
Save the endangered O'RLY? Owl.
The Zombie Nation Will Rise Again

August 20th
Real life has the best special effects.
Yelling: It's the next best thing to being right.

I don't know what a placebo is, but I like it.

August 11th
Zombies always bite the hand that feeds.

August 10th
No man is an Island, but some men are Peninsulas

August 9th
My favorite color is invisible to the human eye.

August 8th
I strive for perfection, even in mediocrity.

Aug 7th
Mimes always win Silent Auctions

Aug 6th
Halloween is a massive conspiracy orchestrated by Dentists.

Aug 5th
I always believed it was butter.

Aug 4th
Talk is cheap, unless you are a therapist.

Aug 3rd
Pillows are fighting for peace.

August 2nd
Mispronouncing words is a major fox paws.

Family Reunion

July 21st
Saturn and Neptune have a Plutonic friendship.

July 20th
Origami: The Ancient Art of Recycling

July 19th
Pessimists Live Every Day Like it is Their Last.
You Only Die Once, So Make Sure You Die Doing Something Awesome.


July 2nd
Car pools are not nearly as fun as they sound.

July 1st
I gave that Brain Surgeon a Piece of my Mind.
Time Travelers hate to take life one day at a time.

June 30th
Mood Swings make Terrible Playground Equipment

June 29th
Political Science: We swear it is a real Science.
Multi-Tasking helps me Drive and Yell at the same Time.

June 28th
Paperclips: Staples for people who are afraid of commitment.

I'd give you a piece of my mind, but I can't spare any.

June 27th
Jumping on Beds is More Fun When You Sleep on a Trampoline.

June 26th
Stoners get a higher education.

June 25th
I Never Seem to Finish my...
Time Travel is the way of the future.

June 24th
Circuses: The First Equal Opportunity Employers

June 23rd
Ice Cream Trucks: Teaching Kids to Accept Treats from Strangers

June 17th-22nd
You have nothing to live for unless you have something to die for
My Way and the Highway Happen to be the Same Way

I am not Left-Wing or Right-Wing. I am Politically Ambidextrous.

June 17th
The Metric System Just Doesn't Measure Up.

June 16th
The End is Always Nigh.
I Never Lie. You Can Even Ask My Pet Dragon.
Antarctica, It is where the cool people are.
Courting is like Stalking, except with flowers.

June 4th-15th
A Restraining Order means that she is just playing hard to get
I Never Lie. My Pants are on Fire for Entirely Different Reasons.
The secret to my success involves several felonies.
Books have many uses, such as propping up your TV.
If you can read this, my invisibility cloak is malfunctioning.
Science is just Magic disguised by Numbers.

June 4th
I'd give one of my eyes to be a Pirate.
If Silence is Golden, then Awkward Situations are a Commodity

June 3rd
Insanity is the Father of Invention
Talk is Cheap, but Parrots are expensive.

June 2nd
An Eye for an Eye Explains Why All Pirates Have Eyepatches

June 1st
The Metric System is Taking Over the World, Meter by Meter.

May 31st
I don't believe in reverse psychology and neither should you.

May 30th
Hypothermia: All the cool kids are doing it

May 29th
Live Dangerously, Talk to Strangers

May 28th
I got this wicked tan from surfing the internet

May 27th
Warning: Surfing the net will not result in muscles and a tan.
The Conspiracy Theorists are working together

Do you have a Creative License for that Pencil?

May 26th
Awesomeness: The Cure for Modesty

May 22-25th - Birthday!
Arsonist is such an ugly word. I prefer Fire Enthusiast.
People in Glass Houses Should Wear More Clothes.
Live Dangerously, Run With Scissors.
Even fish know that you should stay in school

May 21
Rome wasn't built in a day, because the Romans were slow builders

Rome wasn't built in a day, but then again, neither was Detroit

May 20th
I can talk to Animals. They just can't understand me.

When will there be peace between Ninjas and Pirates?
Science Matters.
Acrophobics can't take the high road.
An Apple a day keeps Steve Jobs in business.

May 14th-19th
Dumpster Diving is a Serious Sport
Deja Vu: It's Like you have read this before. (on and front/back)
It is all fun and games until you get a job

Walk like an egyptian, dance like a robot.
Running with Scissors Cuts Through Alot of Red Tape
I control time with the aid of a stop watch
Power Napping Saves Energy
Laughter is the Best Medicine is Clown Propaganda

The Blog ate the rest of my enteries before this one?! bah, please check out my page for older slogans!!

Started December 17, 2008

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Krimson profile pic Alumni

Comments, critques, suggestions, and votes are all appreciated. Thanks guys!

krokun profile pic Alumni

Awesome stuff! Welcome to the gang, loving the history one for today. Voted. And some more stuff!!

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Thanks Krokun, glad to be amongst such grand individuals as yourself.


I have a healthy relationship with my doctor


jess4002 profile pic Alumni

sweet! welcome to the gang, kevin!

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Thanks, I like some of your new slogans, especially the sneeze, "and", and hitting the books ones.

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Does anyone have an idea on how to save I have a healthy relationship with my doctor? It is one of my favorites, but it is bombing.

krokun profile pic Alumni

My Doctor Keeps Our Relationship Healthy?

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Added three more slogans to the mix for today. Check 'em out perhaps.


nice man, you've got some really good ones, I especially like History is so last year and Revolutions make the world go round
I just started a 365 slogans blog a couple of days ago too though mine's not faring so well lol


Welcome welcome! I voted - and I agree with everyone else, History is a great one! Good job :]

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Thanks alot! that is one of my favorites.

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Update: Added some new slogans for today's, check em out. Leave a message if you want me to check out your 365 as well, now I'm off for a 30-minute power nap!

Krimson profile pic Alumni

thanks bio, I am a fan of your slogans.

(by the way, naps rock)

Krimson profile pic Alumni

bump before I call it a night on the blogs

Krimson profile pic Alumni

thanks paniccia, I returned the favor!

courtney pie

chinese finger traps! hahaha

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Added today's slogans, only two because I actually got some sleep last night. I may add a few more over the course of the day if anything interesting strikes me.

As always, keep that 365 Love rollin'!

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Oh man, I liked today's, but they are bombing, gunna have to come up with some new ones me thinks.

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

fa la la la la la la la la!

Krimson profile pic Alumni la!


You've got some pretty good slogans, dude! :) I voted. Good luck!

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Well, today's got dropped, but please toss some votes in for the oldies if you feel like it. thanks guys.

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Chef Kevin has cooked up a slew of tasty new slogans for today! Now you guys eat up (and pretend to like it!)

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Aw, then you would be a wannabe-wannabe..

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Yay! It looks like my "stain" slogan is going to squeak by deletion, and live another day. (the others don't look so lucky)

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Two new slogans up for today!

krokun profile pic Alumni

Good work dude.

Krimson profile pic Alumni

thanks for the votes everyone, actually gotten more than a few well over 50%. Yay.

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Cool, thanks man, I appreciate it.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

i like your new stuff. maybe try a variation like "i celebrate fake holidays". i dunno.

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the suggestion, I actually gave that a try and people seemed to like "fictional" more.

Krimson profile pic Alumni

bump for a brand new pre-owned certified bunch of slogans for the 22nd. enjoy!

Krimson profile pic Alumni

good afternoon bump

Krimson profile pic Alumni


krokun profile pic Alumni

Also voted.

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys! I will jump over and return the favor!

Krimson profile pic Alumni

late night bump

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Yay, two slogans in the 60% range makes me happy!

thanks all for your love with:
Awkwardness brings people closer together, uncomfortably so.
I respond well to courting

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Brought you guys a fresh batch of slogans just in time for that last minute holiday shopping!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

whoo for 60%!!

Hijinx, ftw!

Krimson profile pic Alumni

haha, thanks man. I love that word.

krokun profile pic Alumni


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