Reprint with change of colour please!!!!

  • by asphyxia
  • posted Dec 15, 2008

I would love to see a reprint of this on a red or purple tee! I love the shirt but didn't like it on yellow and don't like it on blue- please change the colour again!!!!! :)

Watch this

aww, I really liked it on yellow! :)


Aww I guess I'm only thinking of myself, but I really can't stand yellow t-shirts on me, and I don't go for light colours generally- I really prefer bold colours such as red or dark/bright purple or green or blue- but that's just me :)

Also being that it's a heart, I king of associate that feeling with red- so I'd love to wear this as a red tee primarily. But that's just me :)


*kind of, even: I kind of associate... (etc)


Wow so it's been reprinted and still only on a really bland colour. Great. I'll never get to buy this in a colour I like :(

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