prescription pilot

its supposed to be vintage nostalgia type of feel.

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Pure Gonzo

its supposed to be vintage nostalgia type of feel.


I absolutely love the design, I'd just like to see it bigger and with a more interesting placement - bottom corner?


Nice execution - but honestly I don't see an idea behind this design.. A pure style exercise :)..


nice color, im a fan of nostalgia but the idea is pretty vague, the thumb, the doesnt make sense..

Pure Gonzo

I'd find it funny if somebody did. I didn't set out to make sense. I went for feeling/style in a gonzo sort of way.


you get my 5 for the "feeling/style" choice...well done.


i don't mind that it doesn't make sense : ) why should everything have a point?


that giant toe is my favorite part. mostly because of that furry creature hugging it...

Pure Gonzo

Thank You All for your opinions/comments. You all could have just as easily clicked score and been on your way. Thanks for using your time for me. I love you all.

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