SO, my friend found god: MASSIVE UPDATE WTF

which is her choice, and yea it's sort of weird coming from a girl who five months ago was like super duper atheist (and rude about it at that). Coming from a girl who wore a beaded necklace saying "fuck god" or "there is no god" one or the other I can't remember.

Now, I personally believe in science and facts. I will never judge someone for believing in god because that is their choice and I understand why people believe. It's just not for me.

So lately this friend of mine has been forwarding me religious junk mail about "send this to 10 people or you're not getting into heaven!" which is not only really stupid and juvenile considering she is 25 years old, not 13, but it feels like she is shoving it down my throat! All her emails are accompanied with giant full screen images of sad jesus bleeding saying things like "remember he died for you, so pass this letter on and show your love for him"

she knows how I feel. her and I used to have long talks about our beliefs, or lack of.

I am a bit skeptical. She met a boy who she slept with, and then he said "i can't be in a relationship with you unless you are the same religion as me"

that is when she found god. now everytime i go on facebook she is writing prayers in her notes.

I want to slap her in the face. She is putting on an act to get into a relationship with this douche bag. I would not say that to her, but I have said a few things, just general questions about why she all of the sudden beleives, and she gets snippy and rude with me in response.

her brother who is very opinionated and is my best friend in the entire universe got sick of it and called her out on her weird super jesus behavior. She is basically saying things like 'if you dont believe in god i don't want to know you" type of things in her facebook notes.

she's praying to god asking him to send her money.

she then proceeded to tell her brother that he is 'just like our mother'

the mother who abused him and beat him and then abandoned him and moved halfway accross the country to get away from him. she is a very insane woman.

i am furious and have to let out my frustrations to real people, people who like to respond because nobody uses livejournal anymore, and my friends are all at work.


this is a long weird story:

the above is still true, now theres even more craziness. She now believes that her new apartment is possessed with demons and poltergeists.

she thinks that the father of her baby is an evil pressance and is doing all she can to get him out of her life even if it means putting him in jail on false accusations of RAPE.

so shes been dating the new boy who turned her to this cult (which i looked it up and it's VERY cult like, foursquare gospel) shes been dating him since the day after she broke up with the father of her baby which was in august.

the father kept asking her to get back with him because he's trying so hard now and she kept leading him on saying "maybe, im not sure yet"

she didnt tell him about the new boyfriend (who is now in iraq, navy boy)

well the other night she finally told him about the new boyfriend. he asked if he could go to her house and she said yes.

the ended up having sex, and she ended up saying she loves him and then she had a really bizzarre mental breakdown saying she wants to die to get out of her skin because demons will follow her wherever she goes.

the father of the baby slept on the couch that night because it was late or whatever, he heard her on the phone with her friend say "oh my god i'm such a whore lol i cant beleive i did this!"

the next day he left at 8 am.

she said some fucking creepy shit that night to him like "my bed shakes and sometimes all the appliences go off at once. theres demons here i know it!" saying other things that just in gerneal didn't make sense and she sounded insane.

so the following day he came to her house to see if she was okay. she wasnt home but the door was open and it was snowing outside so he just went in and slept on the couch. she freaked out said that he broke in and raped her the night before.

now he has fucking rape charges because she feels that he is evil in her life and needs to get him out.

also because she loves being the victim and doesnt want her new boyfriend to be mad at her.

she is a fucking cunt and i am beyond pissed off.

you can't just say someone fucking raped you when it was mutual.

-------you're all probably sick of this blog, but its to have someone to talk about it with------

so i talked to the baby's father and he asked me to call DCF on her. So I did.

I told them everything i knew about her new culty church, not paying attention to the baby, drinking all the time this and that.

i also called the parents of the ex's daughter. her step dad and mother who she lives with.

i was asked to call them so that way communication between this crazy girl and the 13 year old daughter stop.

it is not her daughter, it is the ex's daughter and she thinks that she has all these rights to her calls her her step daughter flips out when they cant hang out. she is in general a terrible influence on the 13 year old and the parents were happy i called saying that i "confirmed everything that i had been thinking, and from now on there will be no more communication between the two of them"

i feel bad about all this. im sort of like destroying the possibility of ever being able to be normal friends with her again, but on the other hand, i feel good because i think i did what needed to be done.

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Austin Clark

I just hate that forwarding stuff in general.
especially when there is religion tied to it.
there is no way any god will not let you into heaven for not sending a message to 10 people.
to sum it up ,yeah,
punch her in the tits


punch her in the throat. and then the tits and then the baby maker.


this more proof of how religion truly is a choice...


that's fucked up...sorry. sounds like she's kinda lost and turning to anything that makes sense at the moment. :(

silly little charmer

im so mad at her for it. she hit him where it fucking hurts the most just because he said "the bible isnt a tool, you're a tool"

she is preaching all this stuff that she doesn't even understand yet. like she doesn't know the consept of beleiving in god. it doesn't mean you have to preach to everyone and make prayers on facebook lol.

the next day she prayed on facebook for money she wrote a nother note saying that her prayers were answered when the lady from DSS called her back saying they are sending checks from october thru december.

I told her "didn't you contact them beforehand? try not to loose your grasp on reality" and she flipped out on me.

Her brother gave her 200 dollars when she had no money at all last may. and i brought that up to her as a response to her telling him he is 'just like mom' i said "who gave you 200 dollars when you needed it back in may? certainly wasn't god, it was the brother you are comparing to your child abusing mother"

i cant wait for her response. i mean seriously what can she say to that?!

SHE DOESNT EVEN KNOW HER BROTHER. she doesn't contact him. in the past year and a half maybe she's contacted him a total of fifteen times. we live in the same fucking county

silly little charmer

god just wants a totally bumpin party up there when you go to heaven. he's like can't come unless you bring 10 of your hottest friends.

and it's true, she was just a little asshole about the whole athiest thing. she didn't beleive in god so she shoved THAT down everyone's throat.

i don't want to be her friend anymore at all. I am playing nice until she gives me back the second season of dexter then i'm done.

but i don't want to be one of those douche bags who isnt her friend because of her religion because that's not the case. she's being so rude about it and her personality has turned into like. . being friends with the bible. but the bible that is written in broken english with a lot of OMG's in it. i don't know how to get out how to describe her new personality

againstbound profile pic Alumni

I think it's best to avoid her, at least for a while; seems she's trying too hard at building this image of her and won't take well anyone disagreeing with her.

Maybe when that dude dumps her she will be humbled and realize how much of an idiot she's being.

Austin Clark

HAHA a bible with a lot of OMG's in it! lol.

jayrawz profile pic Alumni

o man... i have a similar situation.. this girl i used to see, got into that whole Jesus Freak thing too.. now i cant even talk to her because shes weird.. her son got a rash all over and she said "The devil is trying to take my son but i wont let him".. and "the end is near".. SHIT LIKE THAT!!.. its so insane!!


Its a phase, I hope.

silly little charmer

oh my god. how come such strange things happen to decent people?


I'm a christian and I never send "religious junk male" mainly because I believe there is only ONE way to get into heaven... and once you get there Jesus isn't going to say

"Hmm, let me see here... Well you did ask me to be the savior of your life... but I also see you didn't send 10 of your friends a chain mail letter... Sorry, you can't make it in!"

The only thing I ask of people is this... Please do not think that All Christians are like that!

silly little charmer

oh i know they aren't all like her. she gives them a bad name. pretty much most of my friends are christians, and they're is nothing wrong with it.

i went to church for 8 years, and i understand what it means to believe in god. Don't worry :D


I'm SORELY tempted to advise you to punch her where it counts. But do you really want a pastor's wife to advise you that?!

We have a saying here in Lutheran circles...she's a "few articles short of a full confession". Faith is a gift, not a choice...and she thinks that she can turn on the faith so she can score points, score some favor and to score literally. (And what is she doing having sex before marriage, which is not kosher in the church? I do not expect those outside the community to observe that, but I do see a dissonance with the guy and her.)

I do not want to doubt one's conversion. But her behavior will harm her emotionally and spiritually. Delete the "theological terrorism" e-mail, and distance yourself. Againstbound is correct on the "trying too hard" part. See if she mellows out after a period of time. (Those who have such emotional experiences are more likely to suffer burn out and disillusionment.)


she definitely can't control herself and is losing touch with reality... but doesn't sound like too good of a friend anyway?

i'd def say that dealing with her is worth getting the second season of dexter back tho....


MadTheologian on Dec 12 '08 at 9:29pm
"(Those who have such emotional experiences are more likely to suffer burn out and disillusionment.) "

i went through that phase when i was 12 or thirteen... now i'm kinda just like w.e.
not the same situation tho...

jayrawz profile pic Alumni

WhoAskedU on Dec 12 '08 at 9:20pm
I'm a christian and I never send "religious junk male" mainly because I believe there is only ONE way to get into heaven... and once you get there Jesus isn't going to say

"Hmm, let me see here... Well you did ask me to be the savior of your life... but I also see you didn't send 10 of your friends a chain mail letter... Sorry, you can't make it in!"

The only thing I ask of people is this... Please do not think that All Christians are like that!

thats not true.. i have jesus' myspace and he posted it in a bulletin.. so in your FACE

silly little charmer

she just sent me a message saying that she is sorry because god wants her to love everyone.

i responded with " well i don't want god to have to make you be sorry"

(both of our messages have a lot more words, but those sum it up)

silly little charmer

im so glad to know that people back me up on this.

like all sorts of people:D

for a little bit i thought i was being too hard on her, but it really does feel good knowing that i was just. . .being truthful i guess. . .

silly little charmer

so i was listening to mindless self indulgance.

and that song "thank god" so i made my status on facebook be

"Jesus H muthafuckin' boom boom Christ, i been doin dis fo money and fo sex all nite."

because it cracked me up. and that made me look like i was egging her on lol. her cousin commented on it something abut how she doesnt like that in her profile. oops. but i explained myself.


You need to be truthful and candid about those matters.

One thing of note: "God wants her to love everyone". It seems that she is so driven by the Law to do this, do that, to forward this and that e-mail that it looks like the Gospel has not yet been declared to her. What a bind she is in!

I was in a church in which many people are searching for that spiritual high and they would gauge you on the basis on wherever you have seen a "breakthrough". You get those breakthroughs by fasting or praying or some small self-sacrifice-- the "surrendering", as we called it. But if something crummy happens or if results do not's something YOU did. And you got to surrender more, to pray more, to DO more. It's running upon emotions and fleeting experiences rather than relying on more solid content.

My professor told me one day, months before I changed affiliation: "When you worship, NEVER check your brain at the door."


And BTW, Charmer:

You're doing the right thing. Don't let her hurt you emotionally by using her religion as a weapon.

silly little charmer

miss theologian. you're so nice and helpful. i wish you went to her church


jayrawz on Dec 12 '08 at 9:36pm

thats not true.. i have jesus' myspace and he posted it in a bulletin.. so in your FACE

Ouch, you told me!

silly little charmer

she said:

"I'm honestly, not mad. There is hope for you, I never said there was no hope for you. And i'm not saying it has to be God, but let me have my faith. I'm not shutting you out! I'm trying to keep you as a friend. But honestly, you may never understand my belief. There is no physical explanation for God. There is no scientific proof. There is no way to really understand if you don't believe. And I'm not saying this to offend you, just trying to explain the best I can to you. And, yes, I am the same person."

and i had no response, so i said "gotcha" because if i didnt respond i think that'd be ruder.

now shes mad at my "gotcha"



I am feeling the same way about someone I know...
It's like the most annoying thing ever to go on facebook and see them posting stupid prayer or quotes from bible or something... and thanking god every 2 mins.

It's like someone who never believes in God and then suddenly they become fanatics. UGH!

But I def. feel your frustration... it sucks!

silly little charmer

well if you're ever super duper irritated by it. message me on facebook. we can rant together lol


Oh man. This sounds pretty terrible. I hope she quits being crazy soon.


I just found out one of my friends was severely religious. We got into a heated discussion about it and apparently you can do all sorts of stupid shit as long as you accept Jesus, then you're good to get into heaven. He's a frat dude so he drinks heavily, has sex with random girls, etc.

He then told me I was going to hell, but that didn't mean he didn't want to be friends.

We're not speaking.


Dancing? Seriously? Wasn't he seen Footloose?

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At any rate, I think Religious Guy was looking for a one-night stand. When you think about it, it's the perfect plan. Everyone knows hardcore atheist girls are just gagging for it at every available oppurtunity. After all, they dance, they vote pro-choice for a reason and when they do it, they do it like they do on the Discovery Channel. Like monkeys. Dirty, dirty monkeys.

But atheist girls, like all women, are apt to get really clingy after you've given them the best bang of their lives. When you wake up in the morning and realise she's still not gone, how do you get rid of her? You don't want her hanging around, getting comfortable and deciding that this time, she doesn't need the abortion. You got what you want and you want her out.

It's quite easy. You just tell her you can't be with her because you can't live a life together knowing that she's going to spend eternity in Hell as one of Satan's minions while you're up in Heaven. Never mind that that didn't bother you the night before, when you were out looking for premarital sex. The atheist girl will leave when you tell her that. She's not going to sell out her militant beliefs. Besides she's just put a down-payment on a foreign car. She leaves, everyone's happy.

But this time it was different. She changed for the sake of the relationship, but I don't think it's a relationship he wants. So I guess she has to ask herself if she really wants to make these changes. If she does, that's cool. She's still a bit weird but.

wallstreet profile pic Alumni

Yeah, I think she wasn't really an atheist to start with. I've never seen a true atheist who turned evangelical (i.e. fundy). Perhaps plain theism/deism but not fundamentalism.

I don't know what makes one person go fundy. Someone must have influenced her so bad. I also think you should avoid her for the mean time. That's what I would do if one of my friends becomes that incredibly annoying. ;)

silly little charmer

shes coming to my xmas party tomorrow and it's going to be super ultra awkward


I really didn't read this, but I'm sorry your friend is in jail.


Wow... that's über awkard... I think finding God through people is just fine, and is one of the most common reasons, but she sounds like a BS'r. It's kinda' disturbing, and creeps me out, me being christian. I was in the same situation the "douche bag" guy was in, but I only told her it was a conflict of interests, and could bring up problems. I didn't force anything on her, only telling her what was on my heart. Then, we worked it out so that she could learn bit by bit by going to bible study with me, and we are going to start going every week next semester. I'm glad she made that choice, but I have always been afraid she only wanted to try it only because of me. Yeah, I want to lead her to God, and his blessing, but I don't want to be the center of it. I want her to build her own relationship without me holding a gun behind her telling her to pray every night. This chick you're talkin' about is kinda' shot gunnin' it to impress this guy it seems. Best of luck to her and you, and I hope you guys work out your problems. Sorry if she's skewing your view of God fearing people even more so if it is. Oh, and CRIT, PLEASE! Cold Shoulder...TEEHEE!

silly little charmer

i hope her bf breaks up with her, he's such a fucking jerk off.

but if he doesnt break it off he should tell her to chill the fuck out about the whole thing.

sorry im cussing. they both annoy me.

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