No Chance for Me...

I must admit I was a little disappointed to see my final score. I was hoping for a little better than a 2.25. I guess I don't have a shot at WINNING anymore... I guess a 2.25 isn't too bad for my second submission ever though...

I just wish I could have had a shot at the prize pack. I would kill for that fender bass and that prize money would have paid for my honeymoon...

Oh well, enough feeling sorry for myself. There are some great subs in... I just hope a fellow bass player wins...

Good luck everyone!

Watch this
Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

do it for the love of design
not the love of prizes and winning

keep your head up!


yea... I really wanted to win that bass though... And I don't think that a 2.25 is gonna have a shot at winning... I could be wrong though cause this is my first comp and I don't really know how everything works.

Thanks for the encouragement!

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