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Love it! I like that it's all spectrum of blues but I think it'd be cool to put maybe two more color in there to make it pop.

Ex: Make only the olive green and/or make the cigarette butts orange/brown.

IDK I'd tried it to see how it looks.

Overall I love it!


I agree with rgdrew... adding some other colors may help.. but the design is nice...

[Check mine]


Thanks, rgdrew and MegaMusen -- a great suggestion! I've added the orange to make it pop.



Funny stuff. I'd make the cigarette pack more three dimensional. Then, it would be perfect.

Ron Design Studio

I think parents would appreciate this image, lol. But would they wear it around their kids, hmmmmm.


mrjotz: I toyed with various angles on the cigarette pack, but it always came out looking kind of awkward (something about showing the arms connecting to the sides), so I'm going to stick with the straight-on, but thanks.

Ron Design Studio: Of course, they've got the Threadless Kids line now--maybe the kids can wear it!

toopersent profile pic Alumni

yeah, great idea, though I def would not want my kid walking around wearing this shirt!


i would work a bit more on the martini fluid - looks a bit thick. maybe some nice cartoony splash drops...

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