Don't go near the old Tree

  • by Ratatosk
  • posted Dec 08, 2008

Little children should not play near mysterious old trees

Watch this

Little children should not play near mysterious old trees


i love it but i dunno about the tee colour


I like it a lot, but I can't figure out if it's supposed to look like the tree is kicking it's leg up, because that was my first impression. I would thicken the trunk a little to get rid of that illusion.


The tree is not really cut out very well. Try this on a white tee


cool, i love trees :D


A better view of parts of the design, with more detail showing, and a couple of background colors


I like this design.
The one thing that bothers me is the thinness of the trunk relative to the joint and branches above it. The tree would be stronger if the trunk was thicker and the branches a bit thinner.


The art style is fantastic though the blurriness of the image I can assume is just from increasing the image size so we can see the detail? I love the balloons, the popped one is a great touch.
As for the trunk issue, I think it might be remedied if you were to thin out the left hand limb above the face just before it splits off into the branches. Not a considerable amount but thinning it may help balance out the base.

and it certainly looks better on the white or maybe a cream.


The Blur has something to do with the .jpg compression I think. it's created at 11-17" , 300 DPI, so next updated version should be sharper.


I mean PPI.


Fleshed out the trunk as many have suggested. Bigger, badder, creepier.

Some different colored T-shirt backgrounds too.

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