hello from texas

so i quit my job and moved to texas to live on my parents ranch - they just built a second guest house so i thought i'd give simple livin a try - we are about 50 yards from the main house so its not like i'm really living with my folks but i'm mooching off their land for sure and dont have to pay rent so i am kind of a slacker

i will still get to do freelance work for my old job though which is nice so i dont have to worry about a real job for now - eventually we are going to move to austin or ft worth not sure which yet we like both places

my girlfriend and i made a road trip out of the move and camped at the grand canyon for 4 days - most fun i've had in months - and of course our dog buster the beagle made the journey with us as well

so we are in breckenridge texas, about 2 hours away from ft work which we've been to several times already and will be back there on the 14th of this month to check out bass hall

just thought i'd share some photos from the trip and some from the livin on the ranch so far since i havent been on threadless in some time and i actually miss the daily fun even if i just lurk and i hope to start subbing some stuff again

some of the animals on the ranch

Watch this

great photos! wow, how wonderful for you!!!
hello and i hope the good times keep rollin'


sounds great! wow, the grand canyon thing looks so neat. I was there for a few hours this summer but i wish we got to camp!

R Kelly

This is not the dumb ass backwards texas that I am aware of.


PS yay Texas! I live in Texas


hey stranger! sounds like a cool change! enjoy!

your dog is a cutie

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Those are some awesome ranch animals. This makes me want to go to the Grand Canyon. :(

the czar

Congrats on the move, will you miss the perfect weather?

Great snaps.
Come around more, you always made me laugh


we had great weather too while camping - only one night did it get really cold - we were at the mather camp ground and i guess it was off season or everyone else just stayed in the lodges because we only had about 4 other couples camping on the same loop as us

i sorta miss the perfect weather but not too much, i've never spent more time outside than i have since i've been here, there is always something to do on the ranch

ya this part of texas is pretty wild - its deer season and my dads brother shot himself a pretty large buck a couple of weeks ago so we have some deer to eat for the rest of the month

and those scimitars although really pretty and cool to watch they are very protective of their kids - the second week we were here my sister had her first baby a little girl! so my parents where with her in austin and my lady and i stayed at the ranch to look after the place and one of the scimitars killed one of the dogs, it was pretty damn sad i couldnt do anything to help bubba but be there and hold him as he took his last breath, i only knew him for two weeks but it was like he was my own dog - but its not the first dog the scimitars have killed, the dogs for some reason hatge the scimitars, they always want to chase and bark at them, but they leave all the other animals alone, its strange - life and death are hand and hand out here it seems

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hi there

the dog story sounds awful the rest sounds pretty cool


Oh man, that's really sad :(

Keep a good eye on Buster!

and congrats to your sister!

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D00d. cool. I'm all from like Ft. Worth and stuff.

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beautiful pictures man -

looks like serenity

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