What? I don't have health insurance.

So, tell me what you guys think

Watch this
carla jean

So, tell me what you guys think


ha thats cool as hell i would submit it


Thanks for looking at mine (http://www.threadless.com/critique/32448/Bee_ometry) carla_jean.

I think the guy at the bottom will be too far down if this was actually printed,maybe you should move it up and shorten the hair a little bit. Overall I like it a lot.


This is amazing. I especially love the look on the climber's face, priceless.


nice! maybe you should add up some more details to the faux-pocket..

If you have spare time please critique mine..

carla jean

thanks a lot, guys! i'm working on a second version based on your critiques, i'll post it asap

carla jean

thanks a lot, guys! i'm working on a second version based on your critiques, i'll post it asap

carla jean

I worked on the pocket and made a few minor changes. should anything else be modified? tell me, do you guys like the colors?
and thanks for the help so far!

carla jean

oh, and I forgot to mention I added the rope.


This one looks much more polished. Glad you fixed the pocket. I'd buy it!


I think this is pretty hilarious. I like it!


Looks great now! :]

I don't think it needs the rope, though. Isn't he just going to use the hair?


definitely submit this. It's such a great idea, it's perfect

carla jean

well, the rope is suposed to be another safety equipament.. and i also wanted it to fill the blank space at the left and give the design more balance.

what do you think? should it go? is it better without it?


yeah i think the rope is unnecessary. it would be hard to tell what it is on the t-shirt anyway.


That pocket is top notch!


oh, and to blance the shirt, replace the rope with his shadow

carla jean

ok, i think this is the final one. got rid of the rope, made some adjustments and added the yellow shirt option.
thanks so much for all the comments!



I wouldn't do the yellow shirt, though, because it's the color of her hair.

Maybe brown, cream, or blue?

carla jean

hmm, it's so hard to decide. i've tried with different colors but i think i'll leave it yellow cause this way i have one with higher contrast with the design and one with lower. but thanks a lot for the help!


Yeah stick to the yellow! Faux pocket is better! Maybe you should nudge it a bit to the right.. the braided hair looks like a zipper cause its in the middle of the shirt(for me)

But other than that? It's ready for sub!

Good Luck!


Oh, sub this. I'll give it a 5. It made me goggle.


Well in that case, it's ready to be submitted!

carla jean

I actually already submited! It wouldn't work submiting puting this critique on the running so I had to submit separately. It's still pending for approval, but you can check it here.

I'd love if you guys could vote for it when it's on the running! And, again, thanks a LOT for all the comments and help you guys gave me. =)


That's so...Carla!

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