naptime for robots

Watch this

I really love the artwork, the wires just look too intentional. they aren't clumping and flowing naturally.


pretty interesting really


this is like the exact same thing as one of your other subs


lol@the retro resub.
it got a 2 last time so i guess its only fair to give it a 2...


Raijara is right, the sense of gravity is off for the wires, it's more like she's in an anti-gravity chamber or something. The white background is a bit plain too - it needs more depth or something to be more interesting.

Bio-bot 9000
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awesome! i think a gray or black t-shirt would be better though.


Yeah gray or black would be cool to see with this, hopefully you're not thinking of fuchsia... its too "80's" Almost like if it were on fuchsia, you'd have to wear it with matching neon leg warmers or a jacket with removable sleeves.. hehe xD

Anyway, nice design, well done!


I don't like the color combo with the pink, but it's fantastic on the white. 5$

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