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I like the idea. But not that the image is cropped. Espicially irritaiting about it is the cord.


agreed. I love this though


Yes, no crop plz! She could have such a lovely gown!


i like geishas but the image really shouldnt be croped like that specially not when its placed on the chest


The cropping is unfortunate.

Everything else about this design is 'wow!'

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she is cropped because I wanted it to look like the traditional japanese woodblock prints, and I figured a full dress would take focus away from the headphones.


The woodblock prints at least went to the edge of the canvas, the image wasn't cropped in the middle. At least enlarge it so that the edges align with the seams of the shirt. A longer dress also wouldn't take away from the headphones either, since thy already stand out as different than usual. A different colour choice would help too, they're a bit muted and dull here. Also, I believe the traditional prints had more gradients within them than solid colours.

miko e

throw some halftones into this and id give you a 5


I second Silent-T.
It looks like she has tuning forks in her hair, but it's cool.

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this is maybe the only design where i'm totally fine with the cropping because it supports the parody.
'design rules' aren't always so b/w. sometimes something that doesn't work 99% of the time... is needed the other 1% of the time.


I think that this is absolutely fantastic.


just great!


good design, i think it could use some tuning up, nicer lines and such. and i agree, perhaps you shouldn't crop the headphone cord...

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