Christmas Music

I'm updating my Christmas playlist and I could always use some good additions, because I will probably be listening to this playlist nonstop for the next month. Any good suggestions?

Watch this

I am a nerd and I'm OK with it...


It is lovely....and Tran Siberian Orchestra's CDs are bad ass as well

Lucretia Mott

Um...I have a very lax definition of "christmas music"... But I listen to "Monkey and Bear" by Joanna Newsom, English House and White Winter Hymnal, both by Fleet Foxes, then The Nutcracker, and madrigal stuff. Plus I like some of Sufjan Stevens's Christmas stuff.


I already have Christmas in the Stars. My personal favorite is What Do You Get a Wookie for Christmas (When He Already Owns a Comb). I also recommend a Ninja Turtles Christmas.

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