What size to get? Tshirt shrinkage

I'm 5'4" and weight around 100 lbs (yes, I'm skinny). I recently ordered a few guy's tshirts from Threadless — one XS and a few S — to try out the sizes and the unwashed XS shirt fits great whereas the S ones are a bit too large for me.

I'd like to order a few new shirts soon, but I'm not sure if I should order an S or XS. I'm afraid to get an XS because it might shrink too much and I'm afraid to get an S because it might not shrink enough. I'm also away from home for a while so I can't give those shirts a test wash to see if they shrink. Help!

If there's anyone else out there around my size and weight (I kinda doubt it though :p), can you please tell me what size you wear?


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If the XS has a little bit of extra space, then just make sure you wash it in cold water and hang dry. This will also help preserve the graphic.

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I've found that the S shirts fit perfectly, but after a few washes they get too small, so I've started ordering Mediums. After a few washes (and I wear my Threadless shirts a lot so they get washed plenty!) they fit perfectly. :)


i don't tumbledry my shirts. also 40 degrees is the coldest cycle my machine has - don't know whether that is "cold wash", but it's the one i use.
with both these things, haven't had any shrinkage.


Thank you very much for the replies so far! :)

I wonder if anyone has a photo comparing an unwashed and a washed tshirt.


In my experience, even after washing/drying the tees they still stretch with wear. And they don't shrink that much.


I wash mine inside out (always do that to keep the design neat) on 30 degrees celsius and dry them inside out in the dryer. But it's a good one. I have never ever shrinked anything in that


I'd recommend a S for you. I got medium and it's not tight at all which I like, but a skinnier friend of mine (she would be the same kinda skinny you are if she were a guy, hehe) and the S is not tight on her either.

Just wash it with care and just take the size you normally have


yeah also: a big key to keeping your shirts a wearable size is making sure to do your own laundry


I don't really like loose tshirts; I like them with a tighter fit. The XS fits great, I'm just afraid it'll shrink too much when washed.


i've never had a shrinking problem


Well, I think I'll order another XS and an S. They're at a discount now, so it's a good time to try.


I ended up ordering a few XS shirts and an S for comparison. I'll get one of the shirts washed and then I'll take a photo of it on top of an unwashed shirt, to compare the sizes.

Thank you for the replies everyone!

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