Panda Diner

Watch this

I like this but i think it would be cuter if he was cutting bamboo.


Lol.... does this go with that joke the Panda shooting the waiter and then proceeding to leave the restaurant? If not thats cool too. I like the style of your drawing, very cool. Please let me know how you accomplished this style, or if you just did everything by hand.

Please let me know what you think of my work : )

The Artful Drawer

I used some of the filters in Adobe Photoshop on a Pencil sketch, and yeah, it does sorta' go with the Panda eats, shoots, and leaves.

HorsefaceDee profile pic Alumni

I like the illustration but i think it looks a bit over processed in photoshop....

The Artful Drawer

For the request of seeing it on a shirt, I think I would simply center it like so.

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