• posted Nov 26, 2008

7 color print on Red

6 color print on Black

All colors are Pantone Spot colors and are listed in the proof.

Artwork is hand-drawn and vector format created in Adobe Illustrator.

What could possibly be any scarier than being held hostage at knife point by a mobster with the possibility of having your throat slit?

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7 color print on Red
6 color print on Black

All colors are Pantone Spot colors and are listed in the proof.
Artwork is hand-drawn and vector format created in Adobe Illustrator.

What could possibly be any scarier than being held hostage at knife point by a mobster with the possibility of having your throat slit?


yep this is cool


Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! I'm glad everybody likes the design. I tried to portray the image in a way that would be appropriate for a shirt... Not too gory, but not too simple. I was very pleased with the outcome and I'm glad that others are too!

Steelplate profile pic Alumni

Oh this is freaking brilliant :) $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Really fun idea, I'd like to see the arm at more of curve around the wearer's neck, and overlaying the tip of the knife to be printed on the neck of the shirt. Maybe even a little evil glean coming off the knife. Still a killer idea for the contest!


A clever concept. Im digging this shirt.


Thanks! I really appreciate everyone's votes and positive feedback. I'm hoping this one stands a chance... There are some great entries in already but sometimes the simple ones end up making the best shirts? So I guess I will have to wait and see... It has definitely gotten better feedback than my last entry! Thanks again for the votes!


well executed :)


I wouldn't wear this. You thought of something i haven't seen before though, and executed it cleanly. I'd like to see more from you.


Haha you just have to remember it's the horror contest! Thanks for the compliment... This is actually just my second submission as I just found threadless... So you will be seeing more of me soon! Thanks for the votes!

Snapshot ATX

Hahahahahahaha. This is so awesome. $5!


awsome idea simple but really good !!


so sweet))


Thanks for the comments everyone! I appreciate everyone's support tremendously... it's very encouraging.

I really hope this one can go all the way! I would kill for that Vintage Jazz Bass (my dream bass) and I could definitely use that prize money for my honeymoon next year! haha

They are greatly appreciated!

ghost of sophia

dude this is awesome, I'd love to wear this!


i take one fo show


awsome! 5$


Clever idea, this is good for Girls specially when they're with their boyfriends. Haha


Thanks again for your votes and kind words everyone! They are greatly appreciated!
I am pretty excited that this one might have a chance to WIN or at least get printed!
It is only my 2nd ever submission so that makes it even better!
I am glad that everyone is liking the design.

Thanks Again!


Thanks Man! Me Too.
I would love to win that prize pack... It sounds freakin awesome!
Whoever ends up winning is gonna be one lucky dude/dudette...


Great idea... and I like the cartoon style rendering.


Awesome!!!! Nice work COVETLESS :-)


Thanks! I was sorta thinking about that old Roger Rabbit movie when I was doing this... Where the cartoons and people are all together (the cartoon knife and the person wearing the shirt). I was really happy with how it turned out. I didn't want to just throw a completely realistic image on there cause I knew no one would buy it... I figured this would be the best way to go about it and it still be wearable as an everyday shirt!

Thank again for the support everyone!!!


It took me 2 days to get my confirmation email so that my username would work, but it was worth it. Nice Job!


I would have, but the arm is coming from behind. I actually took a picture reference and all you can see is the HAND when someone is holding you from behind... I just added a bit of the arm to add to the design so it didn't look like a floating hand haha try it because I thought the same thing at first!


The arm is reminding me of the TF2 Spy.


I have never played TF2 before... I looked it up... I guess it does have a bit of that "spy-ish" feel to it haha... I may have to check that game out looks right up my alley!
Thanks for the vote too by the way!!


Thanks man! I hope it has a chance... I would DEFINITELY like to see this one get printed... I wouldn't mind winning a few prizes either haha

Thanks again for the votes everyone!


Thank you to everyone who has voted for me! I hope you liked the design! I feel like it turned out great! It seems this submission has done pretty well judging from the comments so I can't wait to see my final score... This is only my second submission so my goal was just to break 2!

Thanks again everyone!
Your votes are greatly appreciated (especially if they are 5's haha)


I can definitely $4 this one; I think putting it over the top of $5 would be adding a bit of fingers from the hostage-keeper's other hand on the opposite shoulder might really drive this home!


Thanks for the vote!
Don't think I didn't try the extra hand though... I tried it everywhere you can imagine (shoulder, around neck, on side, etc) but everywhere I placed it, it seemed to take away from the design... It pulled your eye away from the knife so I took it away because I wanted the viewer's FULL attention on the knife.

Just wanted to let you know that you weren't the ONLY one who thought another hand was needed at first haha

Thanks again for the vote!


Excellent work; I totally feel the Roger Rabbit vibe you spoke of! I hope this wins; I'm already imagining some pretty hilarious pictures of it being worn in the gallery. $5


haha I hadn't even thought about the gallery pics! I guess this would make for some crazy pictures! Thanks for the vote!! I'm hoping I have a shot at winning... I can't wait to see my final score! This is only my second submission so I wasn't expecting too much but it is looking pretty promising as of now!

Thanks to everyone who has vote for me!!

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