we\'ve all been there...

on a heather gray, black, or white tee...

because we have all been there...hope you enjoy :)

Watch this

on a heather gray, black, or white tee...
because we have all been there...hope you enjoy :)


I like this one. I can relate. I would def. Love this on a tee!

TGWA profile pic Alumni

Love the idea, but the art really isn't working as well.


yeah i know but that all happened through the photoshopping
the original is alot cleaner ill fix it :) ^


haha awww poor guy :(
but niceee


oh ps....that guy could be me XD
I hardly ever talk...so I would totally wear this shirt


Kind of love this.


lose the Eiffel tower and it'd be much sharper.




I like it but shouldn't the background be blurred and the foreground sharp?


i agree with deadhippo...
drawings seems to be in different tees, it wold be great if you try to relate both of them
Anyway, i like the idea and the colours you used


yeah the tower was kinda a last minute idea...i'll lose it if it'll look better :)

Capt Lydie

I LOVE it!!! Glad to see it up. YAY!!!


cute! Just a few touch ups, as previously mentioned. But I really like the softness to it!


I would actually make the eiffel tower in the same style as the mime guy. That is one of the only things that threw me off a little bit. If you draw that, it would be perfect!


agree with Merzi. really nice concept though!


I love this.
I think the guy could use a little touching up, especially his make up. It looks like he has 6 eyes.
Don't lose the tower, if you just made everything in the same style it would look better.


HILARIOUS! could use some touch ups but 4 for the idea


high concept. curious tee


make everything the same style as the mime guy and its a $


I love this shirt, just clean it up and perfect it a bit, and I'll totally buy it

HorsefaceDee profile pic Alumni

The art looks very unfinished


hah.. I really like this one.! The leaning tower made this amazing.

miko e

super cute!


The concept is so depressingly sad and cute all at the same time, but I would love to see the art reworked a little bit. Maybe take out the tower? Your sad little guy could make it on his own. :)


I really like this design. Don't lose the tower, just draw it in the same style as the mime. I think you could really sell this shirt!

catalina aguilera
catalina aguilera profile pic Alumni

great idea but the design looks bad. The tower and the drawing should be in the same style. If they both were drawed and sized a little smaller on the tee it would be awesome :]

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

it actually works well on a tee. you just need to touch up the design in photoshop or illustrator:)


the tower could be bigger than the mime and make it a bit faded? dunno, but i like the mime. :)


well the towers supposed to look like its far away...hmmm maybe if i make it smaller and move up on the tee more????


Mime's are very popular in New Orleans. Maybe put a New Orleans background instead of the Tower. It will relate better...


I like the mime by itself, but if you're going to keep the Eiffel Tower it for sure needs to be hand drawn :)

Love it anyways!


lalalalaloved it :]
but the Eiffel Tower stands out to much.


maybe with the Eiffel tower standing out it's making a point??? like everyone sees the tower and not the poor little mime??? lol idk i guess there's no justifying it HAHA


what about instead of the tower, him standing on a sidewalk with a street sign that says "Bourbon Street"????

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