Global warming to meet you...?

Watch this

the way this is drawn is very unique compared to all the other Threadless shirts I've seen. I like a lot.


nice! .n__n.


i really love the way this looks. It's super different and I would wear it.


ooh i love the way you drew the polar bear, awesome stuff

miko e

cute but it sucks that polar bears are dying all over the place... save the polar bears!


Great design. The way the ice cream is being held doesn't quite look right to me though. I get the impression that a human out of shot has just tied it to the bear to take a funny picture (that's who the bear is looking at). Cliched or not I think that this could be perfect if the grip looked more realistic and the bear had the same sad look directed down at the ice cream.


The arm could be worked on and the head to be tilted more towards the ice cream (as above comment). This will give the bear more character...regardless that it is not an original idea, it is well executed, just needs the tweaks


i'd buy this for my friend for christmas
that's so cute T_T
poor bear
i love it!


i really like this!


i really like your drawing style, especially with the brush strokes, though you could do with losing the clouds/ice in the background
or atleast do them in the same style as the bear
then itd defs be atleast a $4

Arrow08 profile pic Alumni

I dig the style!


The sad polar bear has been waaay over done.

But yours does envoke emotion pretty well.


he had it coming. ice cream cones are bad for you anyway


is that a bear or a yeti?

ssbaudi profile pic Alumni

i'm a fan!


Aww, he dwopped his widdle ice cweam. Too cute for me, but a cool girlie tee.

leedul crease

nice illustration. global warming bores me

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