An Illustrated Christmas

  • by cvela
  • posted Nov 23, 2008

An illustration of what Christmas means to me with hints of family traditions and festive designs.

Watch this

An illustration of what Christmas means to me with hints of family traditions and festive designs.


Really love your illustration! I kinda wish though that with all of the intricacy there could have been a sweet color pallet. Id buy it though!

can u post a link to a larger image?

its on my homepage, first thumbnail to the left.

i figured it was busy enough, i didn't want to busy it more with color. but i'll think about making a color pallete for it!

thanks for compliment!


I love the movement of this shirt, how the design takes your eye throughout the illustration.


I would never wear this. Good luck, and Merry X-mas!


thanks for the honesty garciagirl, and good luck on your next designs too!

thanks lhastik :) twas fun to illustrate!
Merry Christmas!

smusi profile pic Alumni

great shirt, unfortunately i'm guessing threadless probably won't print it. but somebody should. get some color in there too.


yeah, wasn't sure if they would print it or not because of its religious references. but thanks for the comment! greatly appreciated.

you're "These Were Things The Mountain Knew About" design being scored right now is really cool and could see threadless printing it.


Amaazing linework man, maybe a splash of color? or at least on a non white shirt? That all said, still gets a 5


I don't think it's right for threadless, but you should find someone who will print it. You could score big.

I love this. Wish I could buy it now, it definitely needs some color though.

I love this. Wish I could buy it now, it definitely needs some color though.


I think it's a very interesting design, the way it leads the eye works well indeed. You could even colour it with just a single colour accent throughout?

As has been said I wouldn't wear it myself because a) religious references that I don't support b) it's a holiday season shirt, which means it can't be worn all year round (at least by me), but I still like it.


thanks for the 5 nvtsud! it was a style i was trying to get down, and was fun working with the lines and how they all worked together.

adelaidey & xanathema, i hear ya both, i know it was a religious shirt and may not score too well because of that, but i appreciate the support and compliments., check out my website and you may find what you want. but last year when i printed the shirts myself, i left it un-colored for everyone to color it themselves. everyone loved it as a gift.

but thanks again to everyone for commenting and making my first design a pleasant one.


You might want to sub this to, which is (as they put it) "where you will find unique faith-inspired, super-cool, t-shirts designed by artists from around the world."

Budi Satria Kwan, an oft-printed alumnus here, has had 3 shirts printed at Red Is White (which is how I know about them).


^Assuming of course that you don't get a record-shattering score here.....

That One Artist Kid

this is great, i really respect your refrences to chirst and the bible, for that you rock


asfi235, thanks! i'll be sure to check out that website ""

thanks for your comment though, greatly appreciated.

ThatOneArtistKid, thanks for thinking I rock. and for that comment, you rock as well man.


thanks nathan, been going at it for a while now. 3d is a lot of fun, but so is graphic design, just trying to get better at designing.


While I respect you for expressing your beliefs, it feels very inappropriate on a t-shirt. If I saw someone wearing this it would make me feel like they were trying to push Christianity in my face.
I mean, how would you feel if I, as a Jew, wore a shirt that said "Messiah? Still waiting"
I think you would likely be offended by that shirt.

I don't want to offend you with this comment. And again, upmost respect to you for expressing your beliefs. The artwork is very well done. If there is a site like threadless for religious t-shirts, then it would be great.


thanks for your input lemonsmirk. but as with anything religious or political, everyone will have their stand, opinion, or belief in the subject.

i posted this design knowing people may not vote high for it because of its statement/meaning, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

so thank you for sharing yours. really appreciate the honesty. i am not offended by any means and thanks for the compliment on the design.


Nitpick: you misspelled 'shepherds'.

I like that this has an honest-to-goodness Christmas message, even though I'm not Christian. It's a welcome antidote to all the bland, generic "holiday season" rubbish out there.


man, i never even caught, sucks that you can't spell check on illustrations. if it were to get picked, i would be sure to fix it.

thanks for the compliment. greatly appreciated.


reminds me of a daniel johnston illustration. keep the misspelling. black shirt with white lines would be nice. i would buy this shirt either way.

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