Let`s play hand-shadow!

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Page Zhang

Let`s play hand-shadow!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

this is soooooo weird.
i like it.

smusi profile pic Alumni

very instructive!

Page Zhang

thanx everybody~~: )


I like it, but I'm not sure how I feel about the "clouds" around the hands. I'm not sure they're necessary. I don't think anyone would be too creeped out by disembodied hands making shadow puppets. Or maybe I just like that concept too much. :)

Nice design.


I also think I would maybe substitute one or two of the "dog"/"Wolf" shadow puppets for other animals. They're simple and easy, but everyone knows them--more variety like the elephant and rabbit would give the design a bit more depth and point of interest--taking the design farther.


I agree with caitydid388, I don't think the "clouds" are adding to this design, I really like the different colors for the hands and how that color is the eye color - nice detail. Perhaps little flashlights could replace the "clouds"? Very fun subject!


cutie patootie!

cici goes rawr
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i ish bored!


i would like it without the clouds
they make the hands look like squids or something...haha
but really fun idea


agreed, the cloud make them look like squids. also not sure about the candy colours

Page Zhang

thanx everyone!
when I finished it, I feel weak .....only"hand" ~
so I think if the hands like the cloud ~
maybe feel free and funny?! :)

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Very neat idea, but I totally though they were hand jelly fish at first. After looking at it on the shirt did I then realize that they were shadow puppets. It is neat to see how the different shadow puppets are made. :D


I'm not 100% sold on the clouds, but I like the concept and the colors.


I think without the clouds would be better too, but neat concept.


i love it
but i think it would also look really cool on a bright shirt with the crazy character things in black and white.


don't like the clouds


I would take the clouds out


Nice idea but I think they looks like gold fish. haaa~

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