Banana Split

  • by Woot Woot
  • posted Nov 21, 2008

It's punny. Go with it :)

Watch this
Woot Woot

It's punny. Go with it :)


What about adding an extra character like a vanilla, strawberry and chocolate scoop on top of each other holding one of the bananas hands. and have that banana saying to the other one 'it's not working out' or like you have 'i think we should see other people.' haha, or not

Woot Woot

Thanks, I'll keep it in mind.


yah, i agree wth EricDiaz. Because if you don't see the title it might not be clear what the design is getting too. Cool idea though :)

Woot Woot

Working on it, thanks guys.
Any more verbal feedback? It really helps.

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Great concept!

Woot Woot

New boyfriend added. Any comments on him or if he should have chocolate sauce and/or a cherry on top?

Woot Woot

Any verbal feedback?


I like the new boyfriend. A cherry on top might be cute.

Not crazy about the font -- I think using an outline font is a bit distracting.

Woot Woot

Thanks! I'll play with the font :)

Skittles 07

i like this really cept for the font really box543 is right lol


Maybe the banana's could be touched up a little more. Love the concept by the way :D

Woot Woot

Round 3! Fixed the font and added a cherry.


Good call on the font change, definitely more readable now. The ice-cream with the cherry cracks me up, very nice.

Woot Woot

Any last comments? I'm thinking about submitting today.
Unless someone wants to make a slow-mo diving leap while yelling "noooooo!" and then help me fix something :P

Woot Woot

I got denied :(
Any suggestions?


the ice cream is r funny .i like the simple shapes and subtle features
im not crazy about the blue , white maybe - it mite be improved a little smaller overall too - good luck


the ice cream looks like the banana's girlfriend because of its cherry and the creams looks like a girly dress.maybe you can make the banana a boy who says ' i found someone else' and make the crying one a girl.i dont know thats just me.good luck :)

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