modern ro(mance)bot

Watch this



robo in love :)

Mademoiselle Coco

i can't wait to buy one!
this is the best design i've seen so far!
love it.

Lover Doll

Great idea, and I love the lace design and the heart antenna is the cherry on top.


Must have for any girl. whered you get the lace concept to the robot its genesis


must have for any girl, whered you get the concept of lace to a robot i see a genesis




Um, don't mean to be presumptuous, but did you invite your friends over here to give this a five, and the a few other subs zero to give it a better chance. Seems like it.
Flowery, love-hearted robot. not for me.


haha i noticed the same thing. I wondered why everyone was in love with this, but every person has been a member for one day and has either only scored this design (5), or scored a few that were all 0's besides this.
If it's to boost your confidence then hey thats your deal, but it's not gonna get you 2500 bucks.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

nomad. on Nov 30 '08
Um, don't mean to be presumptuous, but did you invite your friends over here to give this a five, and the a few other subs zero to give it a better chance. Seems like it.

That would be a pretty shitty thing to do, and it won't help you get printed, I can assure you that.


i think some of you are really pathetic. i mean it would be pretty funny if i had 460 friends to vote for me. and even if i did... who cares? grow up.


i dont think were all attacking you, were just letting you know its a waste. having your friends join simply to vote for you seems more pathetic then us poking fun at you for it, but thats not the point. i think the people at threadless just want unbiased votes rather than people throwing zeros at people just because they aren't their friends.


i think you should grow up, what you're doing is pretty low

i was going to give this a 0 anyway....somehow i wish i could make it a -5


lol, none of us think you have 460 friends, we think you have about six friends. Having them 5$ yours is fine, it's not going to make a huge difference, but it's just a really, really shitty thing to do getting them to vote 0 on other peoples' designs. A really, really shitty thing to do.


oops. im just here to comment on the work, maybe a thicker outline will be better, i mean regardless of how u link robot with lace, the only way to make it looks slightly better is to thicken the lines. good luck.


The design is cute, but I'd like it on a different colored shirt.


the robot + the follower = good job ^^
i like it , 5$ ____


This is kind of a compelling design, maybe on diffy color tee would give it some added dimension. Not to beat a dead or dying horse, but I have to sympathize with all the designs that got automatic "0" just to push this one... One of those could have been my concept. So, in a nutshell, give this a $5 if you feel it merits it or you love it, but don't just zero other designs. The idea of the scoring is to give an honest eval of what you think each individual design merits. My score for this will reflect that, honestly.

Super Slothman

Super-new accounts showin Super-love for this and Super-low scores for loads of other designs just seems Super-wrong!


I could make this in Paint. You get a 1.

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