After the Prom

  • by JW
  • posted Nov 21, 2008

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Malcolm Man


whoooooaaa what?!

I think I like this. At first, I wasn't so sure about the massive white head lights.

Looks like a sin city comic strip...sorta.

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Creepiness on a level such as this shouldn't exist in shirt form, but i'm glad you went there! Love the shadows and the general chaos of the scene. The characters in the black loos a bit off perspective from the rest of the design, but maybe that was intended? A strong contender in the Horror contest, nice work.


wow... both drawings are really cool, but they don't seem to be on the same plane. maybe the girls eating should be on the back? then the car can be moved up to where the pocket would be, making the headlights a diagonal stripe. think about it!

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Haha yeh probably a bit too freaky this is actually an old drawing based on a Goya painting i finished up for fun. I skewed the perspective slightly to confuse and make it look slightly more interesting and chaotic maybe a bit too much! I got a bit over zealous and subbed it before i added any shadow to the girl in the headlights so it looks like she's floating off the ground a bit :/.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions!

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i'd say you could get two separate subs out of this. nice illustrations!

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What? o.o This is very interesting.


Great illo!!

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mad chivava

teenage zombies from outer space? haha, nice


very well done!!

but are the figures up top floating?


Took me a while to get the whole picture but now that I do, I absolutely love it!


Would that particular Goya painting be 'Saturn Devouring one of his Children'? Because I do believe you captured the eerie essence of that painting in your design.

When it gets made I totally want one!

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Great illustration, love the effect of the headlights.

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Thanks everyone!

carleyy: Yes the figures are floating, the perspective is skewed clockwise slightly. ;)

Nathaniel: The Goya painting is "Witches in the Air" it was painted slightly earlier than "Saturn Devouring" but it still has that really eerie feel! Thanks for your comment :o)

Pink Antenna

This is kind of cool, but I can't see it working as a t-shirt very well at all.


I love the look you captured on the guy's face.


style = ftw!
design = wtf?

Nico LeStylo

This has a great mood and style!!


Damn! 5

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awesome man


its almost disturbing haha.

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I already 5ved & buyed this but just wanted to comment on it's awesomeness. Very appropriate for the contest at hand.

The Crack Fox

I would wear this and it would be my favorite shirt. I think the combination of the two kind of seperate pictures makes this one of the most interesting and spookily beautiful shirts on this website $5

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