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Simple , but awesome. :) 5!


I chuckled.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Very cute design. I like how you gave depth to it with the different shades you used on the cows in the background. :D

If you could, mind taking a look at my design and voting? :)


Threadless totally needs more cow shirts. XD Simple but awesome design, easy $5!


It's so silly, I love it! $5 :)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

hahaha, great idea and i love the position of the cow and its carefree face. I almost want to have the cows gathering around him staring stunned at the breakdancing cow, cardboard and fingerless gloves and all.


FA - Thanks for the input and you do some rad artwork by the way.

Actually my original drawing had the other cows all looking at the break dancing cow in amazement and whatnot. But cows always seem to have an "I could care less" type attitude with whatever is going on around them in the world, plus I liked the contrast of what appears to be just another boring day in life of cows - except this one cow decided to do something to make it interesting.

I debated accessorizing the main cow with fingerless gloves, some other 80's garb, a Fresh Prince hair cut and the ubiquitous break dance cardboard, but I decided it looked funnier to see just your standard 1400 pound heifer in that position.


Breakdancing cow! YES!



jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

Fun. :) But maybe it could have a little more direction? Maybe a farmer nearby with his back turned?


like it its sharp neat and bold . take a look at mine


Remember: This is the last day that you can vote $5 for your favorite break-dancing bovine! Rock the vote people!

And may all of you that voted $5 for my cow shirt live long happy lives filled with happy memories of cheesy jokes and campy B Movies. . .er, something. . .

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