• by sarah1234
  • posted Nov 19, 2008

Bears rock! Grrr!

Watch this

Bears rock! Grrr!

That One Artist Kid

Great work, but i think it should say goldy locks and the bears


Did you put this through critique first? Because I can see it being a nice design but would have used some critiquing...her hair kind of bothers me and it would have been awesome if there was a drum skin...

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i love the idea behind this but i have to agree with shilohcoral that there are a few things that could be improved (maybe take those black lines out of her hair). i think, if done right, this would be a really great design.


Or maybe GoldyRocks? I dunno, but I do like it. :)


love the concept

Wheelie Weird

Awesome! How about a word bubble with some lyrics too?


I think it could do with something on the drumskin. Not sure about lyrics though, this design is complex enough for my tastes as it is. I like 'em simple!


Ya, I agree with Cadle, "GoldyRocks" would fit nicely. Other than that, it's fine the way it is, there's no need for speech bubbles with lyrics, it would be too much.


oh... many people have laready made this comment....

i stand by it

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Ahaha, GoldiRocks! Definitely. :D


"Goldirocks" I think might be better. . .


sorry, i just saw that like a million other people said the same think. i didn't mean to be redundant.

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I disagree. I like the idea that you have to surmise (albeit ridiculously little) to arrive at an understanding - Goldilocks (and obviously, the Three Bears). That said, I do think there are a few things that annoy (like the hairline work in her hair and in a few other places).

Maybe G3B on the bass drum?

Still, I love all of the posture and the energy of it. Very cool, and I hope you will resub.


I love the posture of the characters. They look like they're rockin'


Those bears are rockin' the house, and I bet Goldi can wail.

5 for now, and I'll be watching out for a $5 reworked version!


I think the title should have been Goldirocks! I immediately thought of that one when I saw the design with the title.


GOLDILOCKS with 'AND THE THREE BEARS' under the picture would be good too, though I like 'GOLDIROCKS'.

Her hair bothers me too, a bit too MS Paint.


I like the hair the way it is.

I'd change it to Goldierocks (as it's been said) or to Goldylocks and the Bears, and I'd work on the placement of the top star, because it looks kind of random and not balanced.

easy target

okay. great idea, its fun
but here are some thoughts.
you use two colors to shade the bears and one color (white or black) for items and such in the background, which to me sets up the rule "figures have shading, ground is one color"
all you have to do is use the same type of two color shading on the girl. this will make her seem as part of the band instead of part of the ground. this also gets rid of the hair lines which people have been talking about
sorry for the rant :P


no orange I think


take the black lines out of the hair and it'll be better.

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