Short and Sweet

  • by K.Bates
  • posted Nov 18, 2008

You can always find love in war... and a little bit of war in love. They're both easy to begin, but hard to stop.

Watch this

You can always find love in war... and a little bit of war in love. They're both easy to begin, but hard to stop.


very cool...needs a dude version ;-)


yeah... this design actually works on many colors. So a "dude version" wouldn't be tough to achieve. Maybe on a brown T, or other neutral color. thanks for the comment! :)


love itt


i wouldnt mind wearing this,dude version or not.:)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

While the content of the image itself strikes me as very cliche, the image itself is drawn really striking and the angular lines of the piece really bring out some intense emotions of the design. I'd love to see you develop this style for another topic.


I love this shirt!


thanks for the insight, frickenawesome :) I'm developing this style as we speak!
And yes, i understand how this content might be seen as cliche, however it was inspired by a specific person/ friends i know that are fighting in Iraq. There are so many conflicting feelings attached to this war we're in, and I now know first hand that they're felt by not only us here at home but the men and women fighting. Hopefully I was able to convey that message. :)

Thanks to everyone for your comments! I love hearing everyone's impressions!


i really love ur style, but i agree about the image content


i like your comic style!!!!


The content is cliche, but it's so beautiful


Kick ass, love the illustration 5

Arrow08 profile pic Alumni

cool idea, nice illo too!

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I like this. Makes me think of Green Day though. o.o Is that a good or bad thing?

If you have the time, could you check out and vote on my design?

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

For what it's worth, I've never seen this particular imagery. It is striking, and I don't know why. Maybe consider a more interesting placement?


reminds me of a lot of the heavy contrast elegant/violence themes we sometimes see but it feels fresh on account of the unusual drawing style. only technical comment: the white on the right side of the rose is a little strong


I would have to agree with FrickinAwesome - The artwork is well done in a very cool style, but I have seen too much Grenade art lately.


I agree with frickenawesome--very nice style, but the whole grenade/rose/blood theme is super cliche.

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