Americana WIP: Please comment

I've been working on this design on and off for almost a year. I'm far from the best graphic designer, but I tried to play to my strengths on this one and made something way more ambitious than anything else I've ever done. I just feel like I've looked at it too long to really tell what's good and bad about it. Please give me any kind of feedback you have, whether it be suggestions for new ideas, arrangement, display or anything. I would really appreciate it!

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jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

It's a cool design, but I'd never wear any map of America on a shirt


Glad to a decent reaction. Do you think I should try to fit more in?

bsweber profile pic Alumni

nice idea-- you may want to move around some of the objects though so they are closer to where they would actually be found in america....

the hollywood sign in northern georgia might throw some people off :)


Thanks. That's a good idea. I didn't really have regional stuff in mind when I made it, but I few people I showed it to liked how the gun was in Texas and that was just accidental.


How do you feel about the shades of blue and red?

olie! profile pic Alumni

I still believe this is the most accurate portrayal of America I have ever seen, and I thank you for that good sir

olie! profile pic Alumni

also I would proudly buy and wear the shit out of this

Malcolm Man

It's pretty great as is. I think following Brett's suggestions would be wise.

I think adding in even more "iconic" stuff would take this from great, to aaammmmmazing!

The more the merrier imho.


This is great encouragement! Over the coming Christmas break, I'll add in some new stuff. Too much work now and I need time to brainstorm anyways. Thanks.

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