• by marknoval
  • posted Oct 30, 2008

... to sex, drugs, and whatever music your into

Watch this

... to sex, drugs, and whatever music your into

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

those breasts look terribly unnatural.

Steelplate profile pic Alumni

It's awesome, but yeah the breasts are putting me off... And that sucks cause I love breasts.


yeah.. the breasts are a little unusual, but give her a bikini top & it's be fine i think. There are too many places i wouldn't want to wear this because of that.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Bust knobby boobs aside, her face looks too large for her head and WHERE ARE HER LEGS?

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

yeah about the head, that and the right arm, i don't know what is happening there either.


I dont think it looks odd because i understand artistic style but i do think she needs some boob tape at least for it to be wearable.


Wow nice design except the breasts turns me off. :(


option 2 is the best

Sublevel Studios

I like this, and mezo clearly doesn't understand the concept of artistic license, why does she need legs? I think the composition works well.



lovely design!


Steelplate on Nov 06 '08
It's awesome, but yeah the breasts are putting me off... And that sucks cause I love breasts.



almost cool, weird angles tho

happy bear

I love the tongue. I bet its good for licking honey. slurrrp! ΓΌ


yeah plz fix boobs otherwise great!


Umm....yeah, women's breasts don't look like that. Also, I think the places this could be worn is very limited due to the nudity. I'd put a top on her if you want this to do better. Also, do her shoulders look weird to anyone else? Her upper arm shoulder area looks a little thin even with the pose.


how tempting, a woman without a face, arms or legs, just breasts and flowing hair. not loving the overt misogynistic attitude of these types of designs, wonky breasts aside.


what i think we got to understand here is that i didn't made a realistic approach of illustration,its more of a "comic" and "cartoony" style of drawing and rendition with an edgy design style. anyway i appreciate the comments :)

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i don't see 'comic' or 'cartoon' and i think that's the point. it looks like you tried to draw realistically but failed.

Trickin Sid

I like it, it's a cool illustration.
I've seen breasts like that...and the arm is
back behind her...so it would appear a little thin.
Good job.


well everyone's entitled to his/her own opinion, but i think i myself wouldn't tag it as an illustration with a realistic intent


Option 2 For Me. Have To Admit I Have Seen Breasts Like This 2 And So Have Some Of These Liar Females. Get Me 1 Like The Design Or On Purple With A Magenta Substitute For Tha Blue I Likes.


Don't bother arguing with Ginette. You should see what she submits rolls eyes
Anyway, I do agree that the breasts don't look very good, and you have a greater likelihood of people wanting this shirt if you put even a teeny tiny bikini top on her.
Other than that, I think it's fine.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

bahahahahaha, yeah don't agree with me but agree with mydernieredanse because she agrees with me.


bahaha. thank you for the last two comments! your totally retarded reasoning brightened my day.

and don't listen to all of these talented artists/consumers/your target audience, marknoval! taking in people's critiques and using the experience to better yourself as an artist is for fags! rolls pizza dough

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

you've just caught fooliosis.


BAM! my prescription: more edgy design style!


hmmm...placement 2...for sure! composition has a gorgeous balance to it, colors are great but i aint into nekid chicks personifying 'sex, drugs, and whatever music your into', lol. one of those hot warrior elfin/demon/human/vampire/angel chicks in any online computer game, that would be nice. looks like a lot of effort put into it, again LOVE the balance and composition...


Option 2 too. I like the illustration style.


option two for sure, would be more likely to wear it though if she had boob tape or a small bikini top...mainly coz I don't wanna get stared at in the street


Rather nice illustration however the girls torsos and head are disproportionate with her lower body and waist.


i like it but fix the breast and torso

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