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SNOWTACULAR! scores a 2.81!

GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!! it should've score at least a 5 but you know how it goes...anyway, it was a super fun project, i hope you all had as much fun as i did. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

new due date is MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24!!!!!!!!

okay everyone, with Halloween almost upon us and no sign of the Monster Mash Up being in the print queue any time soon. I'd say it's time for another EPIC COLLAB! With Isajoe's blessing the torch has been passed down and I am going to do my very best to come close to the acheivement that was the Monster Mash Up.

our theme will be SNOWTACULAR!

everyone just design your very own special snowflake character...go crazy with it, remember no two snowflakes are alike!

I think we should also add the challenge of ONE color! (halftones are acceptable)

it will most likely be on a blue shirt and I think we are going to go with white flocked ink...oooh exciting :)

But for now let's get some of the administrative stuff outta the way...

First: We need to come up with a Catchy Name for the project

Second: We need people to sign up

Due Date: Friday, November 21

When you're done with your snowflake email me the file at You can send me an Illustrator or Photoshop file. If you do it in photoshop make sure to keep it 300dpi. If you don't have either program, you can draw it, scan it (preferably greyscale) and send me the jpeg and I'll do the rest. That's all for now...LET'S DO IT!

Don't forget to check out our Flickr page to see everyone's contributions!

zipperking (received)
isaboa (received)
myteemo (received)
againstbound (received)
ivejustquitsmoking (received)
krokun (received)
whitneybeth (received)
daniellesgarden (received)
soldierofgondor (received)
kookaberry (received)
perudoesitbetterthanu (received)
baron von monkey (received)
rodrigobhz (received)
radiomode (received)
t4sh4 (received)
goldendust (received)
phillydesigner (received)
taz-pie (received)
walmazan (received)
oJimo (received)
ericdiaz (received)
papaprime (received)
tess fondie (received)
mountain gnome (received)
boysbeambitious (received)
fat pigeon (received)
soulfumeinc (received)
jayrawz (received)
demented (received)
lemonalle (received)
v1ctorya (received)
bcrider (received)
spacesick2 (received)
luc415 (received)
cochon (received)
smarsell (received)
chengui (received)
krakaboom (received)
lonkiponk (received)
martiandrivein (received)
ratkiss (received)
igo2cairo (received)
garciagirl (received)
lhiiiz (received) (received)
wotto (received)
steveorama (received)
alexmdc (received)
rhythmdev9 (received)
chelly (received)
spires (received)
lunchboxbrain (received)
bennyd302 (received)
jenraskopf (received)

HEY! HEY! what do ya know? IT'S BEEN SUBBED!!!!!

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alexmdc profile pic Staff
1 design submitted -

Im willing to be the new art director if noone takes it. :)

SteveOramA profile pic Alumni
4 designs submitted - Score now!

zipperking, thanks for the nomination but i would like to pass the torch to alexmdc!

alex, with your recent rise to threadless success you are best suited for the coveted position of pizza shirt art director!

let's do this!
start that blog!

alexmdc profile pic Staff
1 design submitted -

than you STEVE!!!! I'm just too addicted right now hahahaha

SteveOramA profile pic Alumni
4 designs submitted - Score now!

nothing wrong with that my man!

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