Happy Halloween!

Just in time for Halloween! Go check it out.

Run, jump and climb your way thru 3 challenging levels in a quest to discover who stole the Halloween Candy supply and return candymaker Granny's wonderous Candy Cows!


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your average score is a 0.19

that's halloween scary!


By the way, you should relook at http://www.threadless.com/submission/207730/Optical_Delusions

You wrote
how is this a T Shirt design? its just a mishmash of illusions, randomly placed

The concept of the design is that all of the "illusions" are not actually illusions, just similar looking to these illusions that we have all seen before. The sizes of the circles are actually different, and the lines are not parallel and there is only a duck.

Anyways, I think you should give it a second look!


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holy crap your avg. score went down!

thats halloween scary!


Halloween in May!


186 days later? It's almost exactly the most NOT Halloween it could be. Happy not Halloween.

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